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Powerman 5000

In 1990 the lonely Powerman MC Spider which they use to call him released "Much Evil". MC Spider the vocalist and only member of the group got noticed. His first small album got attention and nominated for a Boston music award where the band started. The album won for best rap album!

The band started to form from Spider to Powerman 5000. Al Pahanish joined as the drummer, Dorian Heartsing joined as the bass player, and DJ, Brian Collymore came aboard. The band started playing live from 1991 to about 1993 when Lowder their producer was out of the band along with Collymore. Adam Williams (guitar) and Jorden Cohen (percussionist) joined to reform Powerman 5000 and this made them on a roll again with the style we know now of PM5K.

Powerman 5000 released their first album as a group. PM5K's first album "A Private Little War" was released in 1994 and they quickly got airplay through Boston. They sold out their limited 500 copies of this album. In 1995 "True force" was released. True Force is known as PM5K first album to most people. They drew in the crowds after this album and got themselves a major label.

"The Blood Splat Rating System" was releases in 1996 and the band signed with Dream Works Records. The Blood Splat Rating System was re-released in 1997 as we all know it as "Mega!! Kung Fu Radio", with two new tracks added. Since their latest album PM5K have toured with some big bands and toured with last summers biggest festival, The Ozzfest!

Powerman 5000 definitely have a unique style. I went to Ozzfest '97 but unfortunately didn't get the chance to see these guys in play. I have heard some of their songs I would have to say Neckbone is my favorite so far. PM5K to me sound like RATM  and the only thing I do not like is how they go up and down. Their music gets heavy then goes down again. Overall I think they rock and I hope all of you get their CD or try to win it with our trivia. Please let me know what you think of Powerman

Mega!! Kung Fu Radio


Track Listing:

1. Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly
2. Organizized
3. Neckbone
4. Car Crash
5. Earth Vs. Me
6. Swim With The Sharks, A
7. 20 Miles To Texas 25 To Hell
8. Mega!! Kung Fu Radio
9. Tokyo Vigilante #1                      10. Boredwitcha
11. Standing 8
12. Even Superman Shot Himself


Spider (vocals)

Adam 12 (guitar) 

Dorian (bass)

Al - drums    

Jorden - percussion                                                

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KISS: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley, are set to enter a recording studio next week to begin recording their first studio album together since 1980's "Unmasked."

Megadeth: Despite the storm, Megadeth went on with their scheduled show in Montreal
Wednesday night, one of the few not wiped out by the recent  bad weather. The band also
announced that all proceeds from the show, which despite the weather was still sold out, will be donated to emergency relief efforts.

Van Halen's new  album, originally due February 24, has been delayed until March 17.

Puff Daddy another rock remix, this time for "Victory," the next single from his "No Way Out" album. Reznor has already submitted a rock version of "Victory" as have Anthrax, Deftones, and some others. Korn and Megadeth want in on the act also.  The "Victory" remix might be a combination of the rock tracks  submitted, or simply Puffy's favorite track. The executives also added that Puffy's interest in rock is no joke.(OK...We never thought we would ever mentioned Puff Daddy)

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have set March 17 as the release date for their latest collaboration. It hasn't been named yet and they will follow up the album with a 50 city of North America.

Manson was motioned to be one of the worst dressed women by designer Mr. Blackwell. This is what he said. "Tenth place went to a man: cross-dressing rocker Marilyn Manson, who wears bustiers and  fishnet stocking on stage. He looks like Alice Cooper doing 'Rosemary's Baby,'' Blackwell said.

Manson's new book can be ordered already at Amazon.com. Here is the HTML address of the page where they are all located at.
The book, "A Long Hard Road Out of Hell" is selling for $19.20 and it is not yet published.

Pantera 3:Watch It Go is voted best video in Metal Edge.

Tommy Lee pleaded no contest to a battery charge with a photographer that he shoved to the ground 15 months ago. Around the same time Lee was busy on the Mötley Crüe web site where he posted a message telling the judicial system to "suck my ass."  The judge who ordered the drummer to take 12 hours of  anger counseling,  pay $17,500 to the photographer and remain on probation for two years.  The Mötley rocker was also ordered to play roughly  $5,000 in fines and donations.



Congratulations to Mark Lewis the winner of our trivia question. He has won the new Rage Against The Machine Video with "The Ghost of Tom Joad" single.

The question was: Rage Against The Machine's second album "Evil Empire", the album name came from who and what?

Answer: Ronald Reagen, he wrote a speech called the Evil Empire! This was a speech about the Soviet Union and how they didn't have freedom, couldn't feed their people, and other stuff like how there country was falling down because of the government.


Question: Spider the vocalist for Powerman 5000 has a brother. Who is he?

Prize: Powerman 5000 album "Mega!! Kung Fu Radio" on CD!

Email your answer
mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through Jan.18 to Jan. 29 Good Luck!!!

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