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Dimebag...Best Rock Guitarist
News: White Zombie, Kiss, Izzy Stradlin, Rob Halford
Win RATM's new video with the "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" single CD


Guitar Magazine's

Readers’ Choice Award

For Best Rock Guitarist

(excerpts from Guitar Mag's interview with Dime)

GM: First of all, congratulations on winning our Reader's Choice Award for  Best Rock
Dime: Thanks a lot bro! I'm thrilled that I got voted #1, that's fuckin' awesome. I attribute that to the fans, passing the energy back to me, you know.

GM: In the tradition of all great metal acts, it's just about the music and the fans. In that
sense, metal really is one of the only true American forms of music. By the people,  for the
people. Do you agree?
Dime: Dude, I'm glad you realize that. That's something I definitely put a lot of pride and heart into, makin' music for our fans. We're not trying to blow it up for everybody to like it. It's something that we all share, like the jam of a metalfest, you know? It's more than just
something to listen to-it's a whole feeling, man, and that ain't gonna change.

GM: A majority of the mainstream press has virtually ignored Pantera despite its enormous
popularity. Is that a concern?
Dime: Not at all. We do what we do, and that's just how it is, and either you get it or you don't. I ain't against anybody that don't get it, but if you don't, you're missing something. Our fans know what's going on, man. We sell arenas out and people come out for a jamfest. I don't  over-analyze what we do.

GM: After seeing you play live and how you treat fans with such open arms at the
meet-and-greets, it's easy to tell you love what you do.
Dime: I'll tell you what makes us different from a lot of other bands: We're not in it for the pussy,  we're not in it for the whole rock star action and trying to get treated as good as we can  around the world and get free shit. That ain't our deal. I love what I do and every person in  this band and crew loves what the fuck we do. If you cut me open, that's what's inside of  me,  man.

Great Southern Trendkill
101 Proof

Dimebag's Thoughts On Pantera's Albums

Cowboys From Hell (1990)
    "I'd have to say this was a big fuckin' unbelievable thing that happened to us. We finnally got a (major-label) record deal. I knew we'd found our style, and I knew we found our direction and just who we were. It took us a long time, but I'm glad it didn't happen any sooner. I went down and got this Cowboys From Hell tattoo (on his right shoulder). I said 'Man, if I fell tomorrow which I'm not
gonna I'll at least be able to look at this when I'm 50 years old, goin', man, that was a hell of a deal.'"

Vulgar Display Of Power (1992)
    "That was us really, really gettin' into who we are and what we do finding ourselves. A lot of bands never find themselves, and I just think that it seemed to be one of the easiest records to write
for us."

Far Beyond Driven (1994)
    "Far Beyond Driven was a bit of a night mare. We were just cooped in this hotel up in Nashville, and it was kind of a strap. We were writing the songs and recording each one as we wrote in the
studio. The other ones were getting done in Texas, where we could go in and cut the shit, go back home, have a beer, and blow up shit. The songs came easy, and I think it's definitely one of the most brutal Pantera albums. It's nonstop. It hit the Billboard charts at #1, blew out Ace Of Base and a bunch of other kind of music. Imagine a heavy metal band hitting number one on Billboard. That was
fuckin' kick ass for us!"

The Great Southern Trenkill (1996)
    "The memeory of that one was beautiful. We did it in my studio. I'd have to say it was more of a broad record for us. We started trying some weird shit, and I enjoyed that. The record before, we just went for as much ass-kick as we could go with, you know? A straight, one angle record. Great Southern Trendkill is a wilder spectrum of shit, man. There was moody, mellow shit, along with the
heavy stuff, which is our forte."

Official Live: 101 Proof (1997)
    "Last but not least, there's the the live record. The memory of that is just the best time i ever had, just being on the road and playing to the fans. We were recording for years, and we pretty much went with the last tour just to, kind of like, keep it all sounding the same. We wanted to put two new studio tracks on it . We wrote those in somethin' like three days. We came back and mixed them after we went on tour with the Ozzfest and had a couple of days off. They were written real quick."

Pantera 3

  GM: Whose idea was it to make these in-your-face, uncensored videos?
Dime: It's me and this cat Bobby. We fuckin' got a video camera years ago, started having fun it, and it's just what it turned into, man: us blowin' each other up all the time, us just doing what we do on the fuckin' road, man. We drink, we party, we raise hell, and we fuckin' make a lot of people happy. And why not show it to the rest of the world, you know?

  GM: Why do you think your home videos appeal to your fans?
Dime: Because it's honest man. A bunch of people have tried to say videos are dead and that videos don't sell. There's a difference when ot comes to us. You can buy a best-of video of any band, and it's got maybe a quick, real serious in-depth interview for about five minutes, and then it's got like four music videos. Once you've seen it, you're bored to fuckin' tears. And with ours, we just straight up put everything in it that every other band would probably say "Don't put that in there." you know?

  GM: Is there something that you wouldn't put in a Pantera home video?
Dime: Fuck no! We put everything in there, man. I mean, we come out here and we fuckin' do this gig. It's a lotta ass kickin', and it's a lotta hard work. On the other side, it's a lot of fun. I mean it's a little bit of everything: It's danger, and I think it's cutting the fans shy if you don't just be honest and say "Look, fuck it. Yeah, we're gettin' drunk. Look at Dime, he's drunk, imagine that!" Or, "There goes Darrell throwin' up, watch him go!" It's fuckin funny, man!  -GP


White Zombie will be releaseing "The Thrilling Chilling World Of White Zombie" home video Jan. 1. It will be 60 min with 7 songs. 5 of the songs are previously unreleased live preformances and also a photo book insert will be included.

Izzy Stradlin former Guns N' Roses member is working on his second solo album which is due in March.

Rob Halford reunited with part of Fight for a benefit concert for the Children's Crisis Center. The show included Fight members Brian Tilse on guitar, bassist Jay Jay from Vent, and Vent's drummer filled in for Scott Travis who returned to Judas Priest after Fight broke up. Halford has now teamed up with guitarist John Lowery to form a band called Two. Their debut album is scheduled for a March release on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records.

Kiss merchandise is all over. The band has released everything from t-shirts and posters to
mousepads and condoms and they don't plan to stop there. Simmons told USA Today that "We plan on going where no band has gone before," the band will soon venture into chocolate bars, cigars, motorcycles, pinball machines, slot machines, video games, and telephones. Simmons also added "As soon as someone steps up with the check, we'll do anything.We are the ultimate whores of the universe, Incidentally, I find whores very credible people. At least they tell up front what it will cost you. That's not the case with wives and politicians."


Question: Rage Against The Machine's second album "Evil Empire", the album name came from who and what?
Prize: RATM's new video with the "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" single CD

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We congratulate Dimebag for winning the best guitarist award and Pantera for their great music. We are still doing a lot of reconstruction to our site so let us know what you want to see. Hopefully you will see some of our reconstruction on our site soon. Thanks to you all, as you all know what people are missing by not understanding metal music. If you have anything to say about Dimebag or anything else in this news letter email us. Hope you enjoyed the news letter and we will see you next week.
Source of Dimebag Story is from Guitar Magazine's February 98 edition  

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