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News Letter #19

What you will find in this News Letter:
Nominees for the Grammy awards
NEW...Vote '97
Manson, Vince Neil, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, and Van Halen
NEW...1998 Releases
Trivia: Win RATM's new video with the "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" single CD


Nominees For Grammy Awards

Nominees For Best Metal Performance:

CoC - Wiseblood Writings CD
Korn - Life Is Peachy CD

Drowning In A Daydream              Corrosion Of Conformity            Album: Wiseblood Writings

No Place To Hide                        Korn                                            Album: Life Is Peachy

Megadeth - Cryptic Writings CD

Trust                                           Megadeth                                     Album: Cryptic Writings

Tool - Aenima CD
Pantera - 101 Proof CD

Cemetary Gates                          Pantera                                       Album: Official Live: 101 Proof

Aenema                                      Tool                                            Album: Aenima

Nominees For Best Hard Rock Preformance:

Lost Highway Soundtrack

The Perfect Drug                         Nine Inch Nails                           Album: Lost Highway - Soundtrack

RATM - Evil Empire CD

People Of The Sun                      Rage Against The Machine          Album: Evil Empire

Aerosmith:  got two nominatons.

Nine Lives - CD

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal:
           Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
           Album: Nine Lives

Best Rock Album: Nine Lives

  Catch The Grammy Awards On Febuary 25


VOTE ‘97

We want you to vote! Please go to this URL to vote or email us your favorite band, album, song, and comments. This is for 1997 and they don't have to be any of the grammy nominees. So please vote!




"I'm Losing My Child to Marilyn Manson" Topic for Monday's (Jan. 12)  Jenny Jones Show

Look for the autobiography of Marilyn Manson this March.

Vince Neil's former lawyers are suing the band and Elektra Records. They claim Neil never paid them for his legal costs during his dispute with the band, which they say totaled over $400,000. They also claim Motley Crue agreed to pay Vince's fees.

Iron Maiden is currently working on a computer game with Synthetic Dimensions. The game is based on their mascot Eddie.

Twisted Sister: Dee Snider has completed filming for his movie "Strangeland" and is due to
released this fall. There also has been talk of a reunion with the band.

Van Halen will kick of their world tour March 6, in New Zealand.



1997 was a great come back for metal music. So 1998 will even be better!

Marilyn Manson: Has a new album schedule for a May release.

Ace Frehley: Loaded Deck is to be released Jan. 20

Mötley Crüe: Has plans to head back into the studio to do another album. A release of probably late '98.

Fear Factory: Are working on a new album. The album is currently titled "Obsolete", this will probably change.

Slayer: We think they have their album done but have been problems with their record company American. They seem to have money problems so look for Slayer's new album to be on a different label.

Type O Negative: are currently putting together a home video of as yet unseen behind the scenes type footage due out next Spring. The band are now writing new material for their next album due out in the second half of 1998.

Down is going into the studio in January to start rehearsing for a few shows and a new record. No release date has been set.

Jerry Cantrell: Solo Album titled “Boggy Depet” Due February 24

Van Halen: New Album 3 to be released February 24

Geezer: Started Recording In January

Sepultura: Have been working on new album but have been having singer problems. No release date has been set.

Corrosion Of Conformity: Will start recording in the spring.

Rob Halford has now teamed up with guitarist John Lowery to form a band called Two. Their debut album is scheduled for a March release on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records.

Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins is set to release a solo album in early '98 entitled "A Victim Of Changes" and featuring old PRIEST songs that Atkins co-wrote.


Bruce Dickinson: Alive in Studio A (two CDs), due Jan. 13

Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys, due Jan. 13

Motorhead: Sacrifice, due Jan. 13

Twisted Sister: Live at Hammersmith, due Jan. 13

Obituary: Cause of Death and Slowly We Rot, due Jan. 27

Sepultura: Arise, Beneath the Remains, Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation and Schizophrenia, due
Jan. 27

Judas Priest: Livin' After Midnight: The Best of, due Feb. 3



Question: Rage Against The Machine's second album "Evil Empire", the album name came from who and what?

Hint: This came from a president in the USA! Which president and what was it?
Prize: RATM's new video with the "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" single CD

Email your answer to
hbdmetal@iserv.net. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through Jan. 4 to Jan. 15 Good Luck!!!

RATM- The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Be sure to come to our site and Vote for the best of '97! We hope everyone will get a chance to vote. Thanks again to everyone. If their is anything you would like to see in this news letter please let us know.

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