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News Letter #22

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Feature Story:  U.P. (Unleashed Power)
News: Chat w/ Pantera, Manson Fan, Howard Stern, and more!
Trivia: New question and win a T-Shirt


Vocals - Brian Chaffee

Giutar - Ken Jacobsen

Bass - John Balistreri

Drums - Jog Michael

U.P. is definitly a metal band on the rise. Their first release "Quintet of Spheres" recieved some great reviews and their newest release "Mindfailure" should bring some needed and well deserved recognition. Without hesitation, we recomend U.P.'s "Midfailure" CD. We haven't heard "Quintet of Spheres" but by the sound of "Mindfailure" we are definitley going to check it out!

Quintet of Speres U.P.

Track Listing:

3.The Devour
5.The Envoy of Sophistry
6.Quintet of Spheres
7.It's About Hypocrites
9.Dejected Spirits
10.Unleashed Power

Mindfailure U.P.

Track Listing:

3.What They Don't Know 
5.Thou Shalt Live
8.Section Terminal

U.P. formerly known as Unleashed Power is not new to the metal scene. Guitarist, Ken Jacobsen started back in the mid-eighties with a band called Avalon. They recorded and album "Unleashed Power" hence the name of the band which they put together in '89. And with the release of Mindfailure they changed their name to simply U.P.    

In the years between Quintet of Spheres and Mindfailure the band seen many changes. New members Jay Michael on drums and Tony Spagone on bass set the coarse for a new heavier sound. Vocalist John Mathis was not up to the change in their style which led to him leaving the band. This opened the door for current vocalist Brian Chaffee who's range and style went more with U.P.'s new sound. During this time, songwriter, Ken Jacobsen realized the newly transformed and energizing direction the band was taking. Mindfailure is the beginning of a new path for U.P.!

Mindfailure Reviews

HBD's review on Mindfailure:
    A great new edition to any metal fans collection, Mindfailure will put you on the edge of your seat. I must say, by the time the first song was done I was very impressed and after listening to the whole CD U.P. has made me an instant fan. I would like to thank Ken Jacobsen for turning me on to his band, you guys rock!
    The first thing that sticks out on this CD is the guitar playing. Ken fills your stereo with hard sounding riffs and some great solos. Also, good changeovers bring the songs together very nicely as most of the songs hit or go well above 5 minutes. Vocalist, Brian Chaffee takes a little bit of getting used to, but all in all fits in well with U.P.'s style. The drums are yet another sound to behold. Very intense, especially in the song Mindfailure which I would have to say sounds a lot like Slayer.
    A great aspect of this CD is the song writing. Ken does a wonderful job putting the music and lyrics together. Many of the songs styles are very complex and he brings them together with a certain smoothness. The only thing on the CD I didn't care for was Etude. I don't think the song fits in with the rest of it. But other than that it kicks ass. Look for these guys to come on strong in the future!

Kevin Bosma's review on Mindfailure:
    U.P. (Unleashed Power) is definite power needed to be released. If you like bands like Slayer, Testament, and Overkill you should check out U.P.'s album Mindfailure. The title track is metal to core with ripping guitar riffs and drum rolls like Slayer's "Divine Intervention." U.P. is a true heavy metal band that proves that metal is still alive. No need for labels like death or grind core these guys are plain and simple heavy metal.
Kevin Bosma (fzazdz@hotmail.com)

Check out U.P.'s home page at http://www.danbbs.dk/~up


A new bass player has joined U.P. in time to appear for the upcoming shows. U.P. is very
excited to welcome into the band John Balistreri.

Right now U.P. is going to record the rest of the tracks next month for an E.P. (no name yet) which they will probably release in Europe this summer and later this year in the US.

Currently U.P.'s management is working on getting a few shows together.
(nothing confirmed yet)


Pantera: Chat with Vinny Paul & Dimebag Darrell Wed. Feb.4th @ 7PM EST!
Go Here:

The Manson fan from  Texas, 18-year-old John Schroeder entered a not guilty plea and asked for a jury trial on his recent arrest for wearing a Marilyn Manson T-Shirt on a shopping trip with his mom. As we said last week an off duty cop arrested him, and the t-shirt said "The God of Fuck". His trial is planned for next month.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler will try their hands as radio DJs. The two will be on the radio next Tuesday, playing songs and fielding questions on the air on Grand Rapids, Michigan's WLAV-FM (www.wlav.com). The station is inviting 75 listeners to a Grand Rapids which will get to ask Perry and Tyler questions. The station will also be blessing one fan with two tickets to the band's sold out show that night at Grand Rapids' Van Andel Arena. We know most of you do not live in the Grand Rapids area however be sure to see them when they come around your part of the area. They put on a great show!

Howard Stern's partners Robin Quivers and Gary Dell'Abate suprised Stern with a great birthday. Meagdeth was their to preform along with others. Also Eddie and Alex Van Halen wish Howard a great birthday from satillite.

Limp Bizkit will be on tour in february and for every show the first 200 ladies will get in for free. Here are the dates:
2/18 - Worcester, Massachusetts at The Palladium
2/19 - New Britain, Connecticut at  The Sting
2/20 - Providence, Rhode Island at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
2/21 - Asbury Park, New Jersey at Stone Pony
2/22 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Electric Factory
2/24 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania at Chameleon Club
2/25 - Washington, D.C. at 9:30 Club
2/27 - New York, New York at Hammerstein Ballroom
2/28 - Rochester, New York at Main Street Armory
3/1 - Cleveland, Ohio at Agora Theater
3/2 - Cincinnati, Ohio at Bogart's
3/3 - Grand Rapids, Michigan at The Orbit Room
3/5 - Detroit, Michigan at State Theatre


Congratulations to Dusty Roberts of Florida the winner of our trivia question. He has won Powerman 5000's CD Mega Kung Fu Radio!

The question was: Who is Spider's Brother?

Answer: Rob Zombie! Rob has produced PM5K's two videos that they have out. We had a lot of right answers but to bad there is only one winner. Thanks to everyone and try to get this next question and win a great looking T-Shirt!


Where is U.P.'s new bass player John Balistreri from?
Visit U.P.'s website http://www.danbbs.dk/~up

Prize: Win U.P.'s Mindfailure T-Shirt!

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Email your answer mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through Feb.4 to Feb. 12 Good Luck!!!


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Thanks to everyone! Be sure to listen to Pantera in the chat room and also check out U.P.'s site at http://www.danbbs.dk/~up and get the Mindfailure CD. Also be sure to send any comments or reviews on a band our way. If you ever need anything please let us know. See you next week!



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