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Sevendust jumped into and exploded in 1997! The hit number one and were getting bumped up from stage B to the main stage. The band from Atlanta got big quick with their explosive music. With their new name Sevendust, they brought a new style into the world of Heavy Metal!    

The band formed in 1994 when Vinnie Hornsby (bass) and Morgan rose (drums) were playing with their old band Snake Nation. They were playing a gig with an R&B group called Body and Soul. When the vocalist Lajon of the R&B group began to sing Vinnie and Morgan liked him and they stole him. Lajon gladly joined the band. Their new band was partly formed and when they hooked up with John Connolly (guitar) and Lee Banks (guitar) they became Crawlspace. Crawlspace was a band but with no direction. They needed some help.    

Needing some representation Vinnie and Morgan tried Jay Jay French. Jay Jay was their original manager with Snake Nation and guitar player for Twisted Sister. Jay was not interested in them or the business of rock n roll any more. He was a family man now. Well Crawlspace went to New York and demanded help. Jay Jay gave in and helped book them some gigs in 1995.    

Their first gig as Crawlspace in a local bar went good but it took the whole audience to leave because of their heavy style. The crowd had to leave because of their music but this brought them attention in getting heavy gigs that they were turned down before. Jay Jay wanted to take them further! So in the summer of 1995 their first demo's were produced in a room of sheet metal in Atlanta with temperatures in the room getting as hot as 120 degrees. In November of 1995 Lee Banks left the band but Clint Lowery (guitar) was their to gladly take his place. The band was set again and they grew. June of 1996 TVT records signed them. Crawlspace headed straight into the studio's and recorded their first album. Their first song to get put on a record was "My Ruin" which was put on the Mortal Combat Soundtrack. After this first release they were notified that the name Crawlspace already had a owner. Crawlspace had to change their name.

SEVENDUST hit the stores in April of 1997. With their new name they climbed to number one! For twelve weeks to be exact. Sevendust hit the mainstage and are currently on tour. To me Sevendust has a very different sound that you have to like. Look for them even more in 1998!

Sevendust Album: Click Here To Buy It

Track Listing:








Too Close to Hate










Will It Bleed


My Ruin


Born To Die

Sevendust not a bad album by metal standards. No good leads but definantly a quality melodic
sound. If you judge albums like I do over half the songs are good buy it  you won't be
dissapointed. Kind of KINGS X vocal sound with a Machinehead, COC sound.

Click here for Sevendust tour dates


Marilyn Manson's new video, "Dead To The World," will be released Tuesday, Feb. 10. Click here to buy it!

Rob Halford is back with a new band, a new album, and he has said, yes I am gay and maybe this will help more people come out of the closet. Rob's new band called "Two" will release their first album next month.
Axl Rose is being sued by former bandmate Chris Weber from his pre-Guns N' Roses group, Hollywood Rose. Weber and co-publisher Greg Ehrlich are claiming that Weber co-wrote two songs he's not credited for, including "Shadow of Your Love" and "Back Off Bitch." There's no dollar figure attached to the suit.

Foo Fighters: Contrary to reports, they will not be "opening for Black Sabbath" in Europe, although sources at both the band's management and confirm the band is in discussions to play the tentatively scheduled European Ozzfest later this year.
Aerosmith will be appearing on ABC in concert on Feb. 13

Slaughter guitarist Tim Kelly was killed in car crash in Arizona according to official band sources. Kelly, 35, died from injuries after his car collided with a tractor-trailer which had jackknifed on an Arizona highway Thursday evening.



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