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Feature Story:  '98 Metal Preview
Review: Children of the Love Machine's demo, "13"
News: Bill Ward, Ozzy, Manson, and more
Concert Tour Info: Ozzy
Vote '97: Last Chance To Vote
Trivia: New Question

98 Metal Preview


Nothing is 100% sure, but this is what we have heard. Ozzfest will be touring through US, Europe, and possibly South America. Black Sabbath, Ozzy or both are planning to headline the europe tour and may include: Sevendust, Snot and the Foo Fighters. AC/DC is planning to headline the the US tour, Megadeth and Anthrax may also be included. There have been rumors that Ozzy may make the US Ozzfest after all. If the South America tour happens the only band we have heard of who might play is Pantera.


Are currently taking some well deserved time off. They plan to get back on the road this spring in South America where they will either play with Ozzfest or headline their own tour, and in June are off for a tour of Europe. Pantera also hopes to get back in the studio in late summer and may have an album out late '98 or early '99. Phil has said he will be getting together with down sometime this year.

White Zombie

Nothing is planned for White Zombie in '98 as a band. However, Rob is working on a solo album with possibly an April release. He will also begin his directorial debut in March or April when they start filming for "The Crow: 2037 World of Gods and Monsters," the movie should be released late '98 to early '99. The music for the movie has become a seperate solo project for Rob along with the help of Danny Lohner (NIN) and Tommy Victor (Prong).


Has just kicked off a tour through Australia and Japan. He is expected to spend most of the summer with Black Sabbath and the Ozzfest tour. Late this year Ozzy plans to get together with his band and write some new material.

Black Sabbath is putting the finishing touches on their live album recorded from the two shows in England last December, with a possible video and new material to follow. They are also expected to headline Ozzfest in Europe.

Korn is now working on their third album which will be out sometime in April. In June they are going on the road in support of the album and will be headlining the Family Values tour.

Deftones: Right now the Deftones are on a tour of Europe. Rumor has it they might play in the Family Values tour this summer.

AC/DC is currently making a new album. The new album should be out this summer and AC/DC might have a top spot in Ozzfest '98 this summer in the US. A new tribute album is in the works.

Motley Crue is planning to head back into the recording studio to cut a new album. After which they plan to tour in support of it.

Megadeth is currently taking a break from the road while Dave Mustaine spends time with his new baby. They will resume their US tour in March.

Sepultura is on hold while they search for a new singer to replace Max Cavalera. They will begin recording a new album as soon as the vacant position is filled.

Max Cavalera is currently in England with his new band Soulfly working on a new
album "Eye For An Eye,"which should be released in April.

Type O Negative's home video is due March 24. So look for it in stores and for Type O Negative on tour this summer. They will end the year with a new album.

Limp Bizkit is currently touring with sevendust. Look for them to keep touring throughout the spring and summer with Korn in the Family Value's Festival.

Sevendust plan to be on tour most of 1998. They are currently on tour now and plan to play Ozzfest this summer.

Iron Maiden will have a busy year, first with their new album due March 24 and they will heavily tour 1998. Iron Maiden will begin their tour in Europe then to South America and Mexico ending up in the US for a summer tour. Their computer game featuring the mascot "Eddie," will be released in April.

Fear Factory has completed their new album "Obsolete." The release date is set for June 9.

Metallica will be launching a major tour at the end of March. Australia is the first scheduled stop, then on to New Zeeland, Japan, and Europe in June. A US tour is expected to follow.

Slayer has a new album scheduled for release this year with a possible tour to follow.

Anthrax's new album "Volume 8" is scheduled for release on June 1. Rumor has it, they might play in the US Ozzfest.

Led Zeppelin's Page and Plant will release their new album on April 21 with a tour to follow in mid-May. The album is titled "Walking In To Clarksdale."

Machine Head will release their third album later this year.

From the list above, 1998 promises to be a great year for heavy metal. Please remember some of this is just a tentative schedule, bands sometimes change their minds. If you would like a preview of a band not listed, just email us and we'll see what we can find.


HBD's review of Children of the Love Machine    "13"

Track Listing:

1. Demon Whore

2. Enraged

3. Little Baby Doll

I would consider Children of the Love Machine as a Gothic style of metal with a slower
methodical sound throughout most of "13." While the demo does have its upbeat moments, the songs have a monotone sound which kind of drags them out and the change overs took me by surprise, leaving me confused at times to where the song was headed.
    The vocals are either a deep slow growl or whisper with nothing inbetween. A little variation and change in speed would have helped  bring out the rythem of the guitar. The music sounds good, but is mostly in the backround over powered by the vocals. Some nice riffs and rythems, but again yeilds to the monotone style leaving the guitar short of its full potential. If you are a fan of gothic metal check them out and see what you think. I would compare them to a slower version of  Type O Negative.

Children of the Love Machine


Bill Ward (Black Sabbath drummer) will be interviewed live on KNAC Radio Feb. 18

Ozzy's old band is getting back together. Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, and Mike Inez are returning.

Marilyn Manson will be appearing on David Letterman on Feb.19th

Black Sabbath: Tony Iommi is currently in LA selecting tracks and supervising the mixing of the live album, which was recorded during Sabbath's two shows at the NEC (Birmingham) in December. Other members of the band are joining him when their schedules permit. Tentative release date is late summer. A couple of bonus tracks may appear on the album.

Cinderella is getting back together and might tour this spring. The band has just signed with Sony records, so look for some new material soon.

MTV: Wow! they're finally doing something cool. In the summer they will introduce a new channel, MTV Rocks. It will be all hard rock / heavy metal and will be available to all digitally capable cable systems.  The only downside is, if you wish to receive this new channel it will carry an extra charge.

Alice Cooper: A tribute album is in the works and will include: Don Dokken, Ronnie James Dio, Duff McKagen, and many more. It is due out in May.

Concert Tour Info

Ozzy Osbourne
Date                City                          State                           Venue
2/18/98        Adelaide                       AUS                    Thebarton Theatre
2/20/98       Melbourne                     AUS                        Festival Hall
2/24/98        Fukuoka                        JPN                         Sun Palace
2/26/98         Nagoya                        JPN                     Koseinenkin Hall
2/28/98         Osaka                          JPN                    Kouseinenkin Hall
3/01/98         Osaka                          JPN                    Kouseinenkin Hall
3/03/98         Tokyo                          JPN                      Sun Plaza Hall
3/04/98      Yokohama                      JPN                 Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
3/05/98         Tokyo                          JPN                      Budokan Hall

Vote 97

Last chance to vote! Next weeks news letter will feature this, The best of 1997. So if you have not yet voted please do so this week. Thanks for the people who already voted and we look forward to what you have to say.



Congratulations to  Anders Jørgensen of Denmark the winner of our trivia question. He has won U.P.'s Mindfailure T-Shirt!

Question: Where is U.P.'s new bass player John Balistreri from?

Answer: New York


Question: Trent Rezner's Nothing Records started in 1993. Who was the first band that he signed?
Prize: Your choice from our CD Center. Only 1 item with a $25 limit.

Email your answer
mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through Feb.17 to Feb. 26 Good Luck!!!

1998 should be a great year for metal, indeed. There is a ton of stuff going on. If you have any questions about a band that was not in our preview, don't hesitate to email us. Also, thank you to Children of the Love Machine for sending us your demo.

Thank You, see you next week!

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