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HBD Visitors Choice Awards: Vote '97

Best Heavy Metal Band:


1. Pantera has done it again on Head Bangers Delight. Their were voted #1 for best band in 1997. Pantera has out done them  in '97 with their touring, release of Official Live 101 Proof, and their third home video, Watch It Go. Here are some comments that were made:
Its old song made live and they kick ass (Official Live).
- Jenn Festor
PanterA is the best band in the fucking world.
- Chris
Pantera Kicks Ass! Electronica and MTV are dead. Dimebag Darrell and his guitar-enough said.
- Jesus Ortega
Pantera is the best band in the world. The music is incredible and it's Amazing too.
- Lucero Mtz.
I feel Pantera is the best ever and I feel '97 was a good year for the guys Putting out Official Live 101 Proof was such a great move. And also the Pantera Watch it Go home video. I feel Pantera is reaching peak of their career and I look forward to the new album in '98. P A N T E R A RULZ
- Rob Johnson
In 1998 Pantera plans to get back on the road this spring in South America where they will either play with Ozzfest or headline their own tour, and in June are off for a tour of Europe. Pantera also hopes to get back in the studio in late summer and may have an album out late '98 or early '99. Phil has said he will be getting together with Down sometime this year.

2. Metallica with their new style hit number two. Metallica will be launching a major tour at the end of March. Australia is the first scheduled stop, then on to New Zealand, Japan, and Europe in June. A US tour is expected to follow.

Metallica continues to produce quality albums and is progressing along the way.
- Joe Hulbert
They're masters of metal.
- Johan Nilsson

3. Ozzy the master himself hit number three. The Ozzman showed his love for music and the fans with the Ozzfest. Bringing together some of the greatest metal bands in one show and capping it off with a set from his own band then a set with Black Sabbath. It was truly a dream come true.

He represents the common man becoming uncommon in fact amazing yet remaining real. The metal sound is true and you will always know who it is the moment you hear it. The style is true...many may try to copy it but none will succeed
- Betty Leonard

4. Korn: With a little down fall last year people still love the style of Korn. Look for them this year with a new album in April. They will also be headlining the Family Values festival this summer in the U.S.

5. Marilyn Manson has gotten bigger than ever. Mr. Manson with his new book, video, and soon album due in may gets number five. Manson's new video Dead To The World is currently number 3 on the Billboard Video Charts.

Best Heavy Metal Album:

Pantera: Official Live
OZZman Cometh
Coal Chamber

1. Pantera also was number one for best album. With their brutal live music performance they
released Official Live: 101 Proof. All their great songs live plus two new songs.

2. Metallica came in at number two falling short of Pantera again with their new album, Reload.
Reload is currently number 22 on the Billboard Charts. It debuted at number 1 and it's been there
for 13 weeks now.

3. Megadeth hits number three with their new album Cryptic Writings which has just gone platinum.
Megadeth is currently on tour and will probably stay on tour throughout the summer.

4. Ozzy album the Ozzman Cometh comes in at number 4. Ozzman Cometh is currently number 91
on the Billboard Charts and has been on their for 14 weeks now.

5. Coal Chamber was new in 1997 and they kicked some ass with their self entitled album. Coal
Chamber toured a lot of '97 and still are on tour with Megadeth. Their a must see and their album is
a must buy.

Best Heavy Metal Song:

Megadeth: Trust

1. Megadeth's hit song from Cryptic Writings, Trust is number one. Trust was the #1 most requested song in the U.S. for 21 weeks.

2. Ozzy, Ozzman Cometh, Back On Earth

3. Pantera, Official Live 101, Where You Come From

4. Marilyn Manson, Antichrist Superstar, Beautiful People.... Even though this was a '96 release  we had enough votes for it to hit number four, so we decided to include it anyway

5. Ozzy, Ozzman Cometh, Paranoid (live)



Dynamo Open Air Festival: 3 Stages, over 60 bands, 3 days non-stop music (live, DJ's)
fairground attractions, metal market, lifestyle events, in other words..... metalheaven
May 29-31 in Eindoven, Netherlands

Confirmed bands: Deftones, Fear Factory, Rammstein, Hammerfall, Primal Fear, Iced Earth, Enslaved, Fates Warning, Immortal, Pro-Pain, In Flames, Death, Saxon,  Dimmu Borgir, H20, Fu Manchu, Dropkick Murphys, Junkie XL, Agnostic Front, Within Temptation, 25 Ta Life, Bewitched, Battery, Emperor, Hard Resistance, 7 Zuma 7, Form, Hatebreed, Spiritual Beggars, Maximum Penalty, Stratovarius
visit http://dynamo-open-air.com/ for more details

Fates Warning will be releasing "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" live video on March 10th. The live video will contain footage of the entire A Pleasant Shade of Gray album. Currently Fates Warning is looking into doing another tour of North America.

Jerry Cantrell's solo album, "Boggy Depot" is due out March 24 and will include appearances from  Rex Brown, Les Claypool, Mike Inez, and Sean Kinney.

King Diamond's new album "Voodoo" will be released at February 24. He will be touring the U.S. this Spring. We will post the dates as soon as they are released. After he finishes up his solo project he will then start concentrating on putting together the next Mercyful Fate album, "Dead Again."

Phil Anselmo went to LA to do some writing & recording with the legendary Tony Iommi. Tony will release a solo record at some point in 1998.
Deftones: While playing in Berlin on their tour through Europe some people broke into their tour van and stole camera equipment and CD's. They also stole video tapes of performances and behind the scene footage that was home video material. They were planing to release a home video late this year. They had no other cloths left than the ones they had on and to top things off their tour van broke down. Despite this their still on the road and plan on them being in the US come summer time.

Helloween has released a 4 CD box set in Japan titled "Pumplin Box". The box will contain a 70 pages booklet and the songs will cover the years 1985 to 1993. The CDs will feature rare recordings, live recordings plus interviews with the members of the band. Also their new album "Better than raw" will have an undisclosed bonus truck and a sticker.

March 17 Helloween will release a new album in Japan, with a European release set to follow a couple of weeks later. The album will be entitled "Better Than Raw", and will include the following songs: Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude In Z, Push, Falling Higher, Hey Lord,  Don't Spit On My Mind, Revelation, Time, I Can, A Handful Of Pain, Laudate Dominum, Back On The Ground and, Midnight Sun. One or two of these songs may be bonus tracks on the Japanese version only.

Cannibal Corpse: Rob Barrett's replacement on guitar is ex-Monstrosity and Nevermore shredder Pat O' Brien. The new Cannibal album will be called Gallery Of Suicide, and the official release date is April 21st 1998. Song titles for the new album are as follows: " I Will Kill You ", " Disposal of the Body", Sentenced to Burn", "Blood Drenched Execution", "Gallery of Suicide", "From Skin to Liquid", "Unite the Dead", Stabbed in the Throat", "Chambers of Blood", "Headless", "Every Bone Broken", "Centuries of Torment", and "Crushing the Despised."

King's X has just signed with Metal Blade and is currently writing new material for their debut album on Metal Blade to be released in the fall of 1998.

EXODUS is back at the studio with their original line up recording a new album.

IRON MAIDEN's forthcoming album, Virtual Insanity, is being issued in Japan featuring a 12 minute long live bonus CD.

Van Halen shot its first video for "Without You," the upcoming single from "Van Halen 3."
Also their will be a  listening party at Hollywood's Billboard Live with Gary Cherone, on March 12. For those that can't be thier it will broadcast live in Real Audio on the official VH site from 7 to 9 p.m.. Pacific time. (www.van-halen.com)


March Releases

Izzy Stradlin: 117deg., March 10
Van Halen: 3, March 17
Scott Weiland: 12 Bar Blues, March 17
Helloween: Better Than Law, March 17
Jerry Cantrell: Boggy Depot, March 24
Iron Maiden: Virtual XI, March 24
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: TBA (new studio album), March 24
Ace Frehley: Reissue; Live Plus One, Second Sighting, and Trouble Walking, March 24
Jimi Hendrix: Reissue; Live at BBC, March 24


Question: Trent Rezner's Nothing Records started in 1993. Who was the first band that he signed?
Prize: Your choice from the CD Center. Only 1 item with a $25 limit.

Email your answer
mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through Feb.17 to Feb. 26, Good Luck!!!


I am looking for a copy of the grim reaper concert that was on Mtv on halloween night back in `85,`86,or`87. I taped the show and accidently taped over it. I did managed to tape it on cassette, but I wish I could get a copy of the video again. Please let me know if any of you have a copy to sell or if you can help me in my quest to find it.Thanks for your time and stay metal.  Please email John mailto:swimp@webtv.net or us mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net if you can help.

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