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METAL MANIA... A look into this summer's metal festivals
News: Korn, Jerry Cantrell, Pantera and more
Tour Info: Pantera, Deftones, and more!
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A look into this summer's metal festivals

The metal festival scene this summer promises to be one you will never forget. Everyone is getting involved as you will see on the list of bands in each festival and most aren't done yet, many still have plenty of bands to confirm. From the huge Ozzfest and Dynamo festivals to Stonehenge and many others, we will be taking a look at this summer's collection.

Ozzfest '98

We now have some confirmations on the Europe Ozzfest

Confirmed Bands: Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Fear Factory, Foo Fighters, Slayer
Confirmed Date:  6/20/98 in Milton Keynes, UK at the National Bowl

The Ozzman is back once again with Ozzfest '98 which is set to kick off on June 20 in Europe. The festival will include some of the top names in metal and will feature Ozzy with his band and Black Sabbath. You will see many familiar faces as 5 out of the 6 confirmed bands attended the Ozzfest last year. More details should be available later this week.

US Ozzfest:
Confirmed bands:
Tool and Megadeth!

Ozzy wants you to vote would you rather see Ozzy with his band or Ozzy with
the original Black Sabbath line up of Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Bill Ward?
No both answers! Send your preference to


May 29-31
Eindoven, Netherlands

3 Stages, over 60 bands, 3 days non-stop music (live,DJ's) fairground attractions,
                    metal market, lifestyle events, in other words..... metalheaven

The legend continues with the 13th edition of the Dynamo festival. Host to the largest number of bands and Europe's biggest festival. This year's event will probably be held at the Kunstijsbaan, the switch comes as the last hope for the existence of the festival and will force a couple of changes. Instead of the normal 60,000 tickets they will be cutting back to 25,000 tickets because of the limited space of the new site. Another change is that there will be no cars allowed. One of the conditions the authorities have enforced is that there will be no cars allowed at all on or near the festival site or its surroundings. This means that the car tickets lose their legitimacy. If you have bought one bring it back before May 1st 1998 to get your money back.
Confirmed Bands:
Rammstein, Deftones, Hammerfall, Saxon, Dimmu Borgir, Primal Fear, Pro-Pain, Fear Factory, In Flames, Immortal, H20, Fu Manchu, Dropkick Murphys, Junkie XL, Agnostic Front, Within Temptation, Death, 25 Ta Life, Bewitched, Battery, Emperor, Hard Resistance Enslaved, Iced Earth, Fates Warning, 7 Zuma 7, Form, Hatebreed, Spiritual Beggars, Maximum Penalty, Stratovarius

Main Stage: A lot of great bands, some old, some new, black and death, hard and soft, and some great headliners. 16 bands will play the Dynamo Main Stage during Saturday and Sunday.

The Skatesite:  There will be 12 bands playing at the Skatesite .

Campsite Stage: Over 30 bands playing on this stage, grouped by musical themes
Friday May 29th:   "The Future Gallery"  5 new bands with a lot of potential
                            "Dark Symphonies" 4 Doom/Gothic bands

Saturday May 30th:  Continuation of "The Future Gallery",  4 bands
                               "The Black Stage".
                               "The Factory,"   industrial/metal bands

Sunday May 31:   "The Space Jam",  4 stonerrock bands
                           "The Powerpack"  Heavy and Power Metal.

PowerMad '98

Power & Progressive Metal Festival
Aug. 21-23
Baltimore, Maryland

Powermad'98 is now in the arranging stages, and at the moment to name a few acts to be
featured Symphony X, Digital Ruin, Mystic-Force, Twilight Kingdom, Delusion, Ice Age,
and the list will go on. Global Connections are currently accepting showcase entrees, so labels &/or bands check thier site for details.


No Mercy

Immortal    Cannibal Corpse    Obituary    Angel Corpse    Marduk    God Dethroned

4/3/98         STRASBOURG                         La Laiterie
4/4/98         OUTER/DENDERHOUTEM     Jachthoorn
4/5/98         ROTTERDAM                           Nighttown
4/6/98         ESSEN                                       Zeche Carl
4/7/98         BERLIN                                     Huxley´s Neue Welt
4/8/98         WERDAU                                  Stadthalle
4/9/98          LUDWIGSBURG                     Rockfabrik
4/10/98       OFFENBACH                           Hafenbahn
4/11/98       PRATTELN                               Z 7
4/12/98       WIEN                                        Rockhaus


July 25
Steenwijk, Netherlands

There is space for about 600 people which makes The Stonehenge Festival the smallest
heavy metal festival in the Netherlands and maybe anywhere else. And it's also becoming one of the most popular too. Plans for a market place at the festival are underway and 2 companies have confirmed. Displeased Records, at which you can buy the latest CD's, T-shirts, badges etc.. and Millennium Records at which you can find that old vinyl LP that you are looking for and more.

They have contracted Dead Head as headliner for this years festival. This is going to be a very special performance as it is THEIR LAST PERFORMANCE EVER The people at Sadness Exposed would also like to know who you want to see on this major heavy metal festival, check the site for details.


Confirmed Bands: Dead Head (headlining), Cone, Godworst
(Passion, Silicon Head, Agathoclash, and Mac 11 are currently in negotiations.)

Family Values Festival

This new metal festival will be going on the road this summer and is expected to kick off in June.Co-organizer Jeff Kwantinetz, Korn's manager, is reportedly negotiating with a number of other headline-status acts. The shows are planned for arenas as opposed to the usual outdoor scene.

Confirmed Bands: Korn (headlining), Limp Bizkit, Orgy
(it has been rumored that Deftones may play as well)

June 27
Burgum, Netherlands

Waldrock is a festival that is organized by and largely depends on volunteers. Without these
volunteers, who put their hearts and souls into the organization, the festival would not take place. Having made a clear choice to keep the festival relatively small among the bigger festivals, the organizers draw the line at 12,000 visitors. The small scale of the festival is one of the reasons why visitors describe the festival as "intimate" and "relaxed"

Confirmed Bands: Marilyn Manson, Dream Theater

Rock Never Stops
Slaughter    Warrant    Quiet Riot    L.A.Guns    Firehouse

The Rock Never Stops US tour will kick off May 10 at the Wings Stadium in Fresno, California. On June 28th the tour will be featured as part of the giant three day Rock the Hills festival at Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota. The tour may possibly be extended to do a Europe and/or Japan tour as well. Slaughter, despite the loss of guitarist Tim Kelly, is apparently pressing on and is still going to attend. No word on a replacement.

Nuclear Blast

Benediction         Hypocrisy         Covenant         Children Of Bodom
& Special Guests

Its time again for the Nuclear Blast Festivals which is set to hit the road on March 26. The '98 festivals will feature some of Nuclear Blast Records most popular bands as well as some of their hottest newcomers. Benediction and the mighty Hypocrisy are the two headliners of this package, it also features Covenant and newcomer Children Of Bodom. The tour will also include other German bands Night In Gales, Crack Up and Disbelief. They will change from town to town, so watch out
for the local promotions for confirmations.

3/26/98         Hamburg           Markthalle
3/27/98         Cottbus             Gladhouse
3/28/98         Werdau             Stadthalle
3/29/98          Bamberg           Top Act
3/30/98          Essen                Zeche Carl
3/31/98          Würzburg          Rockpalast
4/1/98         Ludwigsburg         Rockfabrik
4/2/98            Erfurt                 Rotplombe
4/3/98            Vienna               Szene
4/4/98            Wels                  Schlachthof
4/5/98            Pratteln              Z7
4/6/98           Osnabrück          Hyde Park

Gods Of Metal
June 6

Confirmed Bands:
Black Sabbath (headlining), Pantera, Helloween, Gamma Ray,

With Full Force V Summer Open Air
Zwickau, Germany 
July 10- July 12

Confirmed Bands:
Blind Guardian, Covenant, Cradle Of Filth, Hammerfall, Hate Squad,
Madball, Motorhead, Primal Fear

Wacken Open Air

Confirmed Bands:
Am I Blood, Anvil, Atrocity, Blind Guardian, Children Of Bodom, Covenant, Crack Up, Crematory, Emperor, Exciter, Gorgorath, Hollow, Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Moonspell, Nevermore, Night In Gales, Primal Fear, Steel Prophecy, and Stratovarius.

Extreme Death Metal Festival
Cleveland, Ohio
April 3 - 4
Phantasy Theatre

Confirmed Bands:
Dyinf Fetus, Embalmer, Internal Bleeding, Fleshgrind, Mortal Decay

Not metal festivals, But feature some good bands
Rock AM Ring
April 29-31
Ozzy, Rammstein, Deftones, Van Halen

Roskilde Festival
June 25-28

    There are still many others. If a festival is not listed here it's because we have not received information or confirmation about them. If there is one you would like to know about, email us and we’ll see what we can find. All dates and bands are subject to change.



Pantera is going on short tour of South America, check tour info for dates.

Phil and Dimebag make appearances on Anthrax's album Volume 8 which will be released
June 1.

Jerry Cantrell's solo album release date has been pushed back to April 7.

The Korn After School Special: A live internet audio and video broadcast from the studio. Part talk show, part concert, and all KoRn!! Every Thursday  at 4:30 PM PST. Visit

Another big Heavy Metal tour is planned.  No dates are confirmed yet but it will feature Iron Maiden as the headlining act w/ W.A.S.P., Dio, UFO and Yngwie Malmsteen. Also Deep Purple and Dream Theater are a possibility in this tour. They plan to tour in June or July. We will keep you updated!

Iron Maiden: Here is the cover and track listing to Iron Maiden's new album Virtual XI. The album will be released March 24.

Iron Maiden: Virtual XI

Track Listing:

Virtual XI album will be released in Europe with a  limited edition 3-D cover, including a 16-page booklet. Also, the entire Maiden back catalogue is being repackaged, remastered and reissued in September around the world.

Sons Of Domination featuring Paul Raven (Killing Joke, Prong) and Gus Chambers (Grip Inc.) have finalized their line-up with MINISTRY guitarist William Tucker and drummer Jeff Singer, formerly of the UK's Kill II This. According to Raven, they're hoping to finish recording their  debut album in March.

Stone Temple Pilots: Good news for STP fans. Singer David Coutts was released from Talk Show. The 3 members from STP were just not happy with him. Weiland's Solo 12 Bar Blues is due out March 17. Weiland plans to get back with STP in 1999.

Tool: Congratulations to Tool for their grammy, Best Metal Performance, Aenema. They have also been confirmed for the US Ozzfest.
Judas Preist's "Bullet Train" will be released in Japan later this  month as a limited edition single, featuring '98 versions of "Rapid Fire" and "The Green Manalishi."

Dee Snider's SMF'S Line In Sweden - 12 years after his last official visit in Scandinavia, Dee Snider is returning for a handful of shows! Originally, a 3-week trip through Europe was planned, but due to Dee's hectic schedule finishing his movie "Strangeland", the tour was cut down to these 4 shows in Sweden.
March 25. Karlstad - Jager
March 26. Malmö - KB
March 27. Stockholm - Hard Rock Cafe
March 28. Ljungby - Garvan

Concert Tour Information

5/6/98    SANTIAGO, CHILE                         MONUMENTAL STADIUM
5/11/98  SAO PAULO, BRAZIL                    BRAZIL OLYMPIA
5/12/98  SAO PAULO, BRAZIL                    BRAZIL OLYMPIA

04/01/98  Oklahoma City      OK  Will Rogers Theatre
04/02/98  Memphis               TN  New Daisy Theatre
04/04/98  Shreveport             LA  Malibu Beach Club
04/05/98  Birmingham           AL  Five Points Music Hall
04/07/98  New Orleans         LA  House Of Blues
04/08/98  Panama City          FL   Spinnaker
04/09/98  Greenville              SC   Characters
04/11/98  Winston-Salem      NC   Ziggy's
04/12/98  Louisville               KY  Brewery
04/14/98  Washington           DC   Capitol Ballroom

04/01/98  New York       NY   Coney Island High
04/02/98  Providence       RI    Met Cafe
04/03/98  Rochester        NY   Penny Arcade
04/04/98  Columbus        OH   Newport Music Hall
04/05/98  Toronto          ONT  To Be Announced
04/06/98  Pittsburgh         PA   Graffiti Showcase
04/08/98  Altoona            PA   Sebastiano's
04/09/98  Erie                  PA   Sherlock's
04/10/98  Cleveland        OH    Agora Theatre
04/11/98  Detroit              MI   Harpo's
04/12/98  Bay City            MI  Caliber Club
04/13/98  Grand Rapids    MI   Intersection
04/14/98  Milwaukee        WI   Rave
04/15/98  Sauget                IL   Pop's Annex
04/16/98  Clinton               IA   To Be Announced
04/17/98  St. Paul            MN   Ryan's
04/18/98  Des Moines        IA   Edge
04/19/98  Cincinnati          OH   Bogart's
04/20/98  Lexington          KY   A1A
04/21/98  London           ONT  Embassy
04/22/98  Montreal         QUE  Foufounes Electriques
04/23/98  New Haven       CT   Toad's Place
04/24/98  Old Bridge         NJ   Birch Hill Nite Club
04/25/98  Springfield         VA   Jaxx
04/26/98  Springfield         MA  Infinity

Primal Fear:
4/18/98   Neu Isenburg   Ger.  Hugenotten Halle
4/19/98   Stuttgart          Ger.   LKA
4/20/98   Pratteln           Ger.   Z7
4/21/98   Munich            Ger.  Incognito
4/22/98   Oberhausen     Ger.  Turbinenhalle
4/23/98   Hamburg         Ger.  Docks


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