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Feature Story: Highschool Student Suspended For Wearing A Korn T-Shirt
Update: Ozzfest '98
News: NIN, Manson, Slayer and more
Visitors: Wanted
Concert Tour Info: Ozzy/Black Sabbath and Deftones added more dates
Trivia: Win an AC/DC import

    Starting March 18 we will be cutting back our news letter to every two weeks instead of every week. This is due to our new metal t-shirt store we are adding to the site, which will keep us very busy throughout the next month or two. The plan is to have it ready to go May 1, but it's too early to say for sure. On the off weeks of the news letter you will receive the HBD News Clip which will  contain news and updates of the week.

Highschool Student Suspended For Wearing A Korn T-Shirt
Student and Korn fight back

    Eric VanHoven, a student from Zeeland Highschool was suspended from school for wearing a Korn t-shirt that simply bore the band's name on it. Assistant principal, Gretchen Plewes banned Korn merchandise from the school and contends she was within her rights to do so, because it implies obscenity and as she put it to the Holland Sentinal, a local news paper, "Korn is indecent, vulgar, obscene, and intends to be insulting. It is no different than a person wearing a middle finger on their shirt." The student and others including Korn are fighting back, saying the ban isn't right and against the Constitution's First Amendment. An attorney from the West Michigan area has agreed to take VanHoven's case without charge and Korn is considering a lawsuit of their own.
    The suspension came when Gretchen Plewes decided to look up Korn and Marilyn Manson on the internet after being asked her opinion of them by a school media group. She deamed the bands' lyrics offensive and said they had no part being in school. She banned mechandise from the two bands which later came to include Tool as well. VanHoven had been asked two weeks earlier not to wear the shirt anymore and refused to take it off when told to by the assistant principal, resulting in the suspention of the student. Other students were suspended or sent home for wearing the shirts, and one student was even sent home for taking a plain white t-shirt and writing the word "Corn" on it. Others were warned when they wrote Korn on their hands.
    The students started a petition that has racked up over 400 names of students and many parents, but that doesn't seem to be enough. The school board held a meeting yesterday to discuss the issue and make an official judgement, they sided with the assistant principal and will uphold the ban. That is, at least until the lawsuit of VanHoven has been decided.
    We talked with senior, Pat Grieves a student at Zeeland Highschool, about the incident and this is what he had to say. "Nobody had a problem with the shirts before this happened and many still don't. I wore shirts like that all through highschool, I used to wear a Danzig shirt with a demon on the front slitting some guy's neck and nobody said anything."
    Attorney Jerry Love who will represent Van Hoven in the case told the the Holland Sentinal that he hopes to teach Zeeland Highschool officials a basic lesson in the First Amendment rights. Van Hoven was expressing an artistic preference by wearing the t-shirt, a right protected by the Constitution. Love also added, "Eric did not promulgate, promote, or publish the lyrics, so it's unimportant what the lyrics are. Love said he will seek compensation for emotional distress and for the student's time away from school in addition to legal fees. He will also ask the school to create a new discipline policy that is "even-handed and allows for freedom of expression."
    Korn isn't just sitting by and watching. In a press release the band issued a cease and disist order against the school district, the highschool, and the assistant principal, Gretchen Plewes for deflamatory comments they made about the band and infringing on their civil liberties. The band and their management especially take offence to the comments said by Gretchen Plewes in the Holland Sentinal and are considering to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against  the school district, the highschool, and the assistant principal.
    In the press release, drummer David Silveria asked, "where does an assistant principal get the right to preach her own morals and actually suspend a student?" The band goes on to mention about the various charities and organizations they work with and support, including thier extensive work with child abuse.
    Local radio station, WKLQ has not been shy about their feelings about the subject. It was said on the air that the station is a avid supporter of civil rights and are against the ban that the school has implemented. WKLQ will be at Zeeland Highschool on Thursday at 2:30pm giving away Korn shirts.
Read Korn's Press Release


Confrimed Date:
6/20/98 Milton Keynes Bowl England Black Sabbath/Ozzy
We heard reports that this will be the only stop in Europe.

Black Sabbath        Ozzy Osbourne             Foo Fighters
Pantera                   Soulfly                          Slayer
Fear Factory

Kerrang! Stage (2nd Stage)
Coal Chamber         Life Of Agony                     Limp Bizkit
Entombed                Human Waste Project         Neurosis
The US Ozzfest is  tentatively scheduled to kick off on July 3 at the PNC Bank Center in Holmdale, New Jersey, and will run through the beginning of August. Ozzy will also be attending though it hasn't been specified as to who will play, Ozzy's band or Black Sabbath.

Main Stage:
Megadeth                    Tool                    Limp Bizkit
Coal Chamber             Sevendust

Second Stage:
Snot                     Incubus                       Ultra Spank
Kilgor                  System of a Down.      Melvins


Ozzy will be apearing on Ringo Starr's next album due out in April. He will be featured on a
song called "Vertical Man."

Slayer's new album is due out in may! The album is titled "Violence By Design," Some tentative tracks are:   Love To Hate, Unguarded Instinct, Desire, Screaming From The Sky, Bitter Peace, Perversions Of Pain, Overt Enemy. Also American Records will rerelease all of Slayer's albums because of the distributer change.

NIN and Marilyn Manson have rejected offers to headline Lallapalooza this summer. The bands say the tour will conflict with the recordings of new albums for them. NIN has said that their new album is nowhere near ready enough to support a tour this summer.

Marilyn Manson: A while back we reported about  John Schroeder who was arested for wearing a Manson T-shirt that bore the words " I am the god of fuck." The court ended up dismissing the case as simple as that. Also Mansons book has been doing very well as it is currenlty #6 on the New York non-fiction bestseller list. You may purchase the book through this link:

Deftones will shoot a new video and are headlining a tour of their own. First, the band will shoot a video for the song "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)"  the second clip from their "Around The Fur" album. Ckeck tour info below for the added dates. The band has also just signed on to the Van Warped tours scheduled for this summer and probably will not be attending the Family Values Festival.

Type O Negative’s new home video, "After Dark" will be released March 24.

Kiss 'first' official release date for the new KISS album, Psycho Circus, featuring the original line-up: July 21st, 1998. It is scheduled to be released in a special box-set packaging with an enhanced CD.

W.A.S.P. is currently in the studio working on a new record. The first five records from W.A.S.P. have been re-issued with bonus tracks
Henry Rollins is currently working on new material for Rollins Band album. He also releaseing another book called "Solipsism" through his publishing company

Keith Caputo: The former Life Of Agony singer is currently working on new songs for his new project, due out through Roadrunner Records by the end of the year

Clutch will release a new album entitled Elephant Riders on April 14.


I need help finding Grim Reaper's first album See You In Hell on CD!!!!
I can't find it anywhere here!!!
Please email Jodi,  mailto:panterachic@webtv.net if you can help.

If you are looking for something maybe we can help. If we can't get what you need maybe our subscribers can help through this news letter. If you need anything and would like it posted in our news letter mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net. We can help.

Concert Tour Info

Ozzy & Black Sabbath:
Date                City               Venue                 Country              Artist
5/29/98            Nurburg          Rock n Park        Germany             Ozzy Osbourne
5/31/98            Nurberg          Ring Rock           Germany             Ozzy Osbourne
6/1/98              Berlin              Arena                  Germany             Ozzy Osbourne
6/3/98              Budapest         Kisstadion           Hungary              Black Sabbath
6/4/98              WelsRock                                  Austria                Black Sabbath
6/6/98              Milan             Gods of Metal       Italy                    Black Sabbath
6/8/98              Prague           Slavia Athletics      Czech Republic   Black Sabbath
6/10/98            Katowice Spodek                       Poland                Black Sabbath
6/13/98            Hultsfred Festival                        Sweden               Black Sabbath
6/14/98            Provinsirock Festival                   Finland                Black Sabbath
6/17/98            Oslo Spectrum                            Norway              Black Sabbath
6/20/98            Milton Keynes Bowl                   England               Black Sabbath and Ozzy
6/23/98            Pampalona Football Stad.           Spain                   Black Sabbath ?
6/25/98            Roskilde Festival                         Denmark             Black Sabbath
6/27/98            St. Gallen Open Air                     Switzerland         Black Sabbath
6/28/98           Graspo Metal Meeting                  Belgium              Black Sabbath

Added Dates 4/15 - 5/02
04/01/98  Oklahoma City      OK  Will Rogers Theatre
04/02/98  Memphis               TN  New Daisy Theatre
04/04/98  Shreveport             LA  Malibu Beach Club
04/05/98  Birmingham           AL  Five Points Music Hall
04/07/98  New Orleans         LA  House Of Blues
04/08/98  Panama City          FL   Spinnaker
04/09/98  Greenville              SC   Characters
04/11/98  Winston-Salem      NC   Ziggy's
04/12/98  Louisville               KY  Brewery
04/14/98  Washington           DC   Capitol Ballroom
4/15/98    Charlottesville       VA    Trax
4/17/98    Myrtle Beach        SC    House Of Blues
4/18/98    Norfolk                VA    Boathouse
4/19/98    Pittsburgh              PA    Metropol
4/21/98    Hartford               CT    Webster Theatre
4/22/98    Poughkeepssie      NY   Chance
4/24/98   Asbury Park          NJ    Stone Pony
4/27/98   Toronto                 ON   Opera House
4/28/98   Rochester              NY    Harro East
4/30/98   Grand Rapids        MI     Orbit Room
5/01/98    Toledo                 OH     Aslyum
5/02/98    Madison              WI      Barrymore


Congratulations to Paula C. Snyder! The winner of our last trivia question.  Paula gets to pick any CD in the CD Center up to $25.

The question was: Who was the first Heavy Metal Band to debut #1 on the Billboard 200 Music Charts? Do to the vagueness we excepted all entries.

New Question
Question: AC/DC is one of heavy metal's most succesful bands. Which country did they form in and what year was it?

Prize: Win AC/DC's Powerage (remastered), Australia import on CD

Email your answer mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net, with the subject trivia. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through March 18 to April 2, Good Luck!!!

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