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What you will find in this News Letter:
Feature Story: Wicked Angel
News: Dynamo, Milwaukee Metalfest, Soulfly, and more.
Concert Tour Info: Slayer, Clutch
Trivia: New Question


Wicked Angel

  Vocals                          Guitars                            Bass            Drums                Keyboard
Rob Rose         Vicki Rose, Dwight Farmer       Tony Pack     Matt Miller          David Sifritt

      Wicked angel was started by front man Rob Rose in 1992. The band hails from Ohio and is signed to Raven Music Group (RMG), also located in Ohio. Although based in the US, most of their coverage comes from Europe. This is where the band plans to release thier new album, “Heads Will Roll” this summer with a tour expected to follow. They also will play at the German Magazine, Heavy Oder Was’s “Bang Your Head Festival” this fall.

     From the path to “Heads Will Roll” Rob Rose is the only original left in the band. Rob’s wife Vicki Rose joined the band in ‘95 and since have seen the additions of Tony “Thumper” Pack, Dwight Farmer, David Sifritt, and Steve Payne to make up the roster on the new album. Since the album’s completion the band has been joined by yet another, Matt Miller who will replace Steve Payne on drums. We asked Pam Theodotou, president of RMG about the new drummer and this is what she had to say, “Our new drummers name is Matt Miller. He’s a great guy, a fellow tattoo artist like Rob, and a hairball (like Rob would say! he has blond hair down to his belt). The band is really excited and working really well together with him and he has added a really nice fresh aggressive drive to the music...his backround has most recently been in death and thrash so he’s a wildman. He’s got the material down and the band is planning their European tour and writing new material as they await all the business arrangements to be made by their agents and manager.”

     This was our first introduction to Wicked Angel. We received a copy of the band’s upcoming album “Heads Will Roll” that received some impressive reviews and liked what we heard. We were also able to do an interview with the band.

Wicked Angel -

“Heads Will Roll”

1. Hail

7. American Spirit Horse

2. Heads Will Roll

8. Bloodlust

3. White Lies

9. Hard On You

4. When the Hammer Falls

10. Nightmare

5. Goodbye

11. Twenty Minutesof Pain

6. Axtion

12. Under the Gun

For information where you can purchase “Heads Will Roll” email Ravenmusic@aol.com    

      Wicked Angel’s “Head Will Roll” is a style of metal you don’t hear very much anymore, especially in most of the new bands hitting the scene. I would compare their sound to that of many metal bands that existed throughout the 80’s, but with a style all their own. I think front man Rob Rose describes his band very well, “a melodic power metal band,” and that’s exactly what it is.

       The CD kicks off with a 45 second intro, “Hail,” one of the best ways to start ann album that I’ve heard. Then they burst into the title track “Heads Will Roll,” which to me is the gem of the album. The song picks up right up and takes you away, leaving you in the middle of a fury of vocals, with intense screams, powerful guitar riffs, and a double bass on the drums that really gets you going. However, I can’t say the same for the entire album, some of it just seemed to lake the intensity that the title track sets for it. Not to say the rest is lackiing, I was pretty impressed with most of the album. “Axtion” and “Hard on You” are two songs that do follow-up the title track extremely well, while the songs “Nightmare” and “Twenty Minutes of Pain,” a great ballad, really stick out in my mind as some of the best tracks on the disc.

       Wicked Angel’s songs sound very well thought out and put together, which is something you don’t see in a lot of new bands. I was impressed with the album, especially the guitar playing by Vicki and Dwight. It’s something that really shows through, a very talented pair. The diverse vocals really make the song’s come together well. The only downside to the album are sometimes it gets a little too melodic, leaving me waiting for something to wake me up (although they usually took care of that fairly quick). For the most part I would recommend this album to any metal fan, definitely worth taking a listen to.

Wicked Angel

Interview w/ Wicked Angel

(HBD)        This is our first introduction to your band, please tell us a little about how
                  Wicked Angel was formed and how you decided on your name?

(Rob Rose) Wicked Angel was formed in May of 1992 by myself and the original Bassist
                   Jami Moore. The name was inspired by the fourth angel of the apocalypse.

(HBD)        We recieved a copy of your latest CD “Heads Will Roll” and we really like the
                   sound of it. How well has it been doing and how are your fans responding to it?

(Rob Rose) I’m glad you like the disc. It has been getting great reviews, especially in
                  Europe. The disc will actually not be released until May. Our record label RMG
                  is putting out the record with Noise Records in Europe. The pre-sales are
                  looking very promising.

(HBD)       What are some of your major influences as a band and individually?

(Rob Rose) WASP, Dio, Savatage, Queensryche, Bach, and Beethoven.
(Vicki Rose)    Randy “Guitar God” Rhodes, Slayer, and Jeff Beck.
(Dwight Farmer)  Zakk Wylde and Ritchie Blackmore
(Tony “Thumper” Pack)  Geezer Butler and John McVie
(David Sifritt)    J.S. Bach, Handal, Mozart, and 16th century composers.
(Steve Payne)  Mike Portnoy and Simon Phillips

(HBD)       How long the current lineup of Wicked Angel been playing together and do you
                  feel this is the best lineup yuo’ve had?

(Rob)         The current lineup, except our drummer, has been together for about 18
                  months.Vicki has been for me for over 3 years. The new drummer, Matt Miller,
                  is the piece of the puzzle that we have been missing. Hands down it is the best
                  lineup I have ever seen. Alan Boggs’ illness unfortunately has once and for all
                  put him out of the picture.

(HBD)        How does the songwriting go, who writes which parts, and what are some of
                   the influences behind the lyrics?

(Rob)          Our songs usually start as guitar riffs, which Vicki, Dwight, or myself bring in,
                   we then throw it out at rehearsal, dissect and perfect it, craft the structure, then
                   write the lyrics based on the emotional chord the music strikes.

(HBD)        What are your favorite songs from “Heaads Will Roll” and what songs best
                   describe your band?

(Rob)          Each of the band members has a different favorite. My personal favorites are
                    “Heaads Will Roll” and “20 Minutes of Pain.” No one song categorizes the
                    band completely as there are so many different aspects to the character and
                    personality of the music. Each song is aan exploration of a taangent  of the

(HBD)         Your music has an 80’s metal sound to it. How you describe your sound?

(Rob)           Who says that metal has to be 80’s? Fuck That! Does that meaan that all of
                    these so called “alternative” bands are “60’s” or “70” seeing as most of them
                    owe much  f thier sound to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and many great punk
                    bands! I would describe our music as the evolution of the true melodic power                       
                    metal, I don’t feel that it  is daated, archaic, or beating a dead horse. I get
                    damned sick and  tired of hearing that “80’s” label. If some of the shit out
                    there being pawned off as new “Metal” is the future, God help us all!

(HBD)          In no way were we suggesting that metal is 80's. There are and were many                                                                                   
                    great metal bands from the beginning as well as today. We were just making a      
                    comparision between your sound and that of many popular metal bands       
                    throughout that decade.
                    Do you disagree with us on that? And if so, why?

(Rob)           No, I don't necessarily disagree. It's just that we're trying to stay to true metal.

(HBD)         What is your opinion on some of today's metal bands like: Pantera, Sepultura,
                    Coal Chamber, Marilyn Manson, etc.?

(Rob)          First of all, I really don't consider them metal as such. With Pantera and    
                   Sepultura, I would consider them more thrash. As far as Coal Chamber, I see
                   them more of a  fusion between metal and rap. I personally think its an insult to
                   even call Marilyn Manson metal. I find their music and his antics totally repugnant
                   and an insult to the word metal. Personally, I'd like to kick his ass. I've seen
                   garage bands with more talent.
(HBD)         I see that your band is from the US, but most of your coverage and shows that
                   we have seen and heard about are in Europe. Is there a specific reason for this?

(Rob)          It seems that too many people here in the states like to label metal "80's" and are
                   trying to kill the music. I don't know if they are afraid of it or what but many of the
                   powers that be, especially MTV, have blatantly tried to kill metal and make it
                   "UN-hip". I don't get it. Good music is good music, so why does everyone want
                   to stick a label on stuff and put it in a box. Who says you can't like more than one
                   kind of music. Personally, I think a lot of what is currently "hot" is a bunch of
                   pathetic, substance-less, cry baby bullshit that takes less than average
                   musicianship and gets sold by hype and style. When are we in America gonna
                  stop being sheep, blindly following MTV and Madison Avenue and make up our
                  own minds?

(HBD)        Are you planning anything for the US in the near future?

(Rob)         Sure we would love to do stuff here in the States.

(HBD)       You said your new album is scheduled to be released in May. Are you planning a
                  tour or anything special to support the new release?

(Rob)         June is probably a more realistic expectation of a release date in Europe and a tour
                  to coincide with the release is in the works for all of Europe.



 Dynamo Open Air Festival: Many new bands have joined the already huge number of bands to play the festival that runs from May 29-31 in Eindoven, Netherlands.

New Bands:
Pantera, Coal Chamber, Soulfly, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Helloween, Life of Agony, Stuck Mojo, Blind Guardian, The Misfits, Insane Clown Posse, Six Feet Under, Driven, Congress, Transport League, The Hellacopters, Theatre Of Tragedy, Atrocity, Fury Of Five, The Black Symphony, Zebrahead, Jane's Detd., Better Than A Thousand, Undeclinable Ambuscade, Far, (Hed)pe, Think About Mutation, Tech 9, Oomph!, Masters Of Reality, Kreator, Good Riddance, Covenant, Strapping Young Lad, Human Waste Project, Misery Loves Co., Incubus, Orange Goblin, Cathedral, Tom Angelripper

Milwaukee Metalfest will feature over 60 bands on 3 stages on July 24 and 25.
Mercyful Fate, Death, and Cannibal Corpse will headline Friday the 24.
Sodom, Destruction, and Emperor headline the 25.

Soulfly: Logan Mader formerly of Machine Head has joined the band as the replacement for guitarist, Lucio Maia who couldn't do Soulfly's world tour due to prior commitments.

Soulfly's The Song Remains Insane World Tour kicked off April 25 and runs through Aug. 2. The tour will bring them through the US for a string of shows, then on to Europe from mid May until the end of June and back to the US for the Ozzfest tour. Check Concert Tour Info for the dates.

Deftones will wrap up the first part of their US leg of their world tour on May 9 in Denver. The band will then go on to play dates throughout Australia, Japan, and Europe until June 29. They will then return to the US to headline the Van Warped Tour June 30 through Oct. 9.

Metallica: Lars Ulrich along with former Metallica tour manager Tim Duffy have started a record company entitled The Record Company (TRC). The business is based out of Los Angeles and will be distributed by Metallica's label, Elektra.

Korn will be appearing on the upcoming Clash tribute album. They will be joining Mack 10 and Ice Cube to do a remix of "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"

Mötley Crüe will be coming out with a double album this summer/fall. One will be a live album and the other studio tracks with some new songs.

Faith No More has decided to call it quits. They band has said the break up came as a mutual decision and not the result of any one person. Mike Patton has started a new band, Phantomas.

Bruce Dickinson will be starting his own record label in Europe, Airraid. He will release both his forthcoming album and the entire Samson back catalog on the new label.

Slayer's new album, Violent By Design is being released in Japan with two bonus tracks,
"Unguarded Instinct" and "Wicked." They also will begin a tour through the US with Clutch and System of a Down in late may.

Dee Snider: The soundtrack to his upcoming movie "Strangeland" will include: Snider, Pantera,Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber, Megadeth, Sevendust, Snot, Bile. The movie should be out in August.

Fear Factory's new album "Obsolete" has been pushed back to a July 14 release date.

Iced Earth's new album "Something Wicked This Way Comes" will be released this June or July.

Tentative Track Listing: 1. Burning Times     2. Melancholy      3. Disciples of the Lie
4. Watching Over Me      5. Stand Alone      6. Blessed Are You      7. 1776
8. Consequences      9. My Own Savior      10. Reaping Stone

Something Wicked (Trilogy):
11. Prophecy  - Prophecy of the birth of the character that will be featured on the cover art.
12. Birth of the Wicked - The story of his birth and shaping.
13. The Coming Curse - His ability to manipulate time and change history make him
                                      more threatening than your average anti-christ

Aerosmith will be postponing their tour for the next few months. Steven Tyler will be having knee surgery after being injured at a show in Alaska last week. Tyler hit himself in the knee with the base of his mike stand and tore his anterior cruciate ligament (a tendon that supports the knee).
The affected shows are as follows:
5/9 - La Crosse, WI         La Crosse Center
5/11 - Rockford, IL          MetroCenter
5/13 - Moline, IL              The Mark
5/15 - Peoria, IL               Peoria Civic Center Arena
5/17 - Ft. Wayne, IN        Fort Wayne Coliseum
5/19 - Louisville, KY        Freedom Hall
5/21 - Knoxville, TN        Thompson Boling Center
5/23 - Evansville, IN         Roberts Stadium
5/25 - Dayton, 0H            Nutter Center
5/27 - Grand Rapids, MI    Van Andel Arena
5/29 - Toledo, OH            Toledo Sports Arena
5/31- Hamilton, ONT       Copps Coliseum
6/2 - Montreal, Quebec     Molson Centre
6/4 - Quebec City, Quebec      Colisee De Quebec

Kiss's new album "Psycho Circus" is scheduled for a release date of July 21. A large tour is expectedto follow.


Concert Tour Info

5/27/98            Tempe                    AZ       Club Rio
5/28/98            Tucson                   AZ        Gotham
5/29/98            San Diego              CA        Soma
5/30/98            Hollywood             CA        Palace
5/31/98            San Francisco        CA        Warfield
6/03/98            Salt Lake City        UT        Wasatch Event Center
6/04/98            Denver                  CO        Ogden Theatre
6/06/98            Columbia               MO       Blue Note
6/07/98            St. Louis                MO       Mississippi Nights
6/08/98            Chicago                  IL         Metro
6/09/98            Detroit                   MI         Harpo's
6/10/98            Cleveland              OH        Odeon Concert Club
6/11/98            Toronto                ONT      Guvernment
6/13/98            Philadelphia            PA        Trocadero
6/14/98            Old Bridge             NJ         Birch Hill Nite Club
6/15/98            Washington            DC        9:30 Club
6/16/98            Boston                  MA        Avalon
6/17/98            New York             NY        Irving Plaza
6/20/98            Milton Keynes       UK        National Bowl

5/12/98           State College       PA           Crowbar
5/13/98           Richmond            VA           Alley Katz
5/14/98           Hagerstown         MD          180 Degrees
5/15/98           Huntington           WV          Drop Shop
5/16/98          Nashville              TN           328 Performance Hall
5/17/98          Springfield            MO          Juke Joint
5/18/98          Lawrence             KS           Bottleneck
5/20/98          Oklahoma City     OK          Boar's Head
5/21/98          Dallas                   TX           Trees
5/22/98          Houston                TX          Abyss
5/23/98          Austin                   TX          Liberty Lunch
5/24/98          San Antonio          TX         White Rabbit
w/ Slayer May 27-June 17



Congratulations to Christer Roos! The winner of our last trivia question. Christer has won Slayer's Divine Intervention on CD

Question: Slayer first started in 1981. They got noticed at local clubs in L.A. by playing songs by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and others. What record company saw them and signed them?

Answer: Metal Blade Records

                                                    NEW QUESTION

Question: Coal Chamber got their big break when a member of what band brought them to the attention of Roadrunner Records.

Prize: Coal Chamber's self titled album on CD

Email your answer mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net, with the subject trivia. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through May 9 to May 21, Good Luck!!!


We would like to thank Pam Theodotou, president of Raven Music Group for sending us a copy of Wicked Angel's CD and for getting us in touch with the band. Also, thanks goes to Wicked Angel for doing the interview with us, and be sure to check out Heads Will Roll. See you in two weeks.

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