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News Letter #30

What you will find in this News Letter:
Feature Story: Michigan Concert Ratings Bill
News: Black Sabbath, Korn, Alice Cooper and more
Concert Tour Info: Pantera, Primus, and Manson
Reviews: Deftones and Pro Pain concerts
Trivia: Win Ozzy's double live album, "Live and Loud"

Michigan Concert Ratings Bill

by: Kevin Bosma
    Once again a Michigan law is trying to rule again. We first saw a law affect the music scene in West Michigan, the little incident about a t-shirt with the word KORN. I’m sure everyone has heard about that. I’ve seen things on MTV and I also saw things in the paper. The story about a school banning concerts shirts. Well the local government is trying to do it again. They’re trying to ban concerts for people too.
     The new bill in town if passed would put a rating system on all shows in the state to keep young people out of the ones that they feel inappropriate. It would allow cities to pass their own ratings on concerts so what might be okay in one part of the state may not be on the other side. Now of course this does not affect most metal heads in this area, it does however affect the younger crowd. This began with Congressman Dale Shugars who was outraged by Marylin Manson when they appeared in Kalamazoo, MI at Wings Stadium and proposed the rating system to Michigan Congress. He also gained support through many parents and Christian organizations who have heard or seen how insane this man looks or what he talks about and are freaking out that young ones might be at this concert.
     I must say I’ve been going to concerts since about 12. There were shows that I was unable to go to, but there were bands that just had some swearing or had the lovely “Mrs. Tipper Gore Parental Advisory” sticker on their album. The only reason I was unable to go to shows was because of alcohol not for the swearing, which would happen if they start rating. If passed the rating system would go along the lines of PG being for light swearing , R would be for shows that depict violent acts, sexual behavior, or strong language and NC17 would be for shows with explicit sexual behavior and violence which I'm sure Manson would be classified as.
     Now I think this rating system is a  joke. Its just history repeating itself.  I feel it should be the person’s choice to see a concert. If it is a rough time for them they will realize it. If they don’t like it they’ll either not go again or they just won’t go in the pits. Its their decision and "their" parents not other parents or the lawmakers.
     I mean how the hell are they going to check IDs at a place like the Palace or even like Van Andel area it would take hours to check everyone. The show would be over before everyone was in and a spokesman for the Palace said it would be impossible to check everybody. It would be stupid for the whole event and operation of the show. Who knows what could happen if the system was used. Yes, it may please some parents, but it’ll be effecting a lot more people. People that believe in something for some particular reason. It’ll be making some people happy and countless others angry.
     What is that supposed to prove?  Should we start watching  the X-Files to see what else the government is trying to hide. All they’re doing is pissing some people off.  It seems to me that this bill is just another thing the government is trying to do to control us, we have to take the power back. We will  keep on rocking and nothing can stop us.


Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward suffered a mild heart attack during one of the band's rehearsals last week. Currently Bill is doing well, but will miss Black Sabbath's European tour that kicks off this week in Germany. Vinny Appice (former Black Sabbath drummer '80 to '83) will be replacing Ward for the European tour and Bill hopes to be back in time for a US tour later this year.

Korn's new album "Follow the Leader" is tentatively scheduled for release on August 18. Featured on one song off the album, Cheech Marin will lend a hand with vocals for Korn's version of "Earache My Eye" from the movie "Up In Smoke."

Alice Cooper: A new tribute album is in the works and should be out late this summer. The album features Dave Mustaine doing "School's Out" and Ronnie James Dio along with Ozzy's band on "Welcome To My Nightmare." Others who may be appearing on the album include: Phil Anselmo, Bruce Dickenson, Don Dokken, Mike Inez, Duff McKagen, Slash, Matt Sorum, Eric Singer, and Zak Wylde.

Motley Crue: After pleading no contest to spousal battery Tommy Lee has been sentenced to 6 months jail time, 3 years probation, 200 hours of community service, and donate $5000 to a battered women's shelter. While Tommy is in jail the band still plans to finish recording two new songs "Bitter Pill" and "Slave" for the upcoming double album due out late this summer.

Aerosmith is reportedly working on a live album while the band's tour is stalled due to Steven  Tyler's knee injury. Their canceled tour dates will be rescheduled for later this year.

Soulfly's new single "Umbabarauma" will be released June 4


Track List:
1.Umbabarauma (album version)
2.Umbabarauma (Junkie XL remix - 1)
3.Umbabarauma (Junkie XL remix - 2)
4.Tribe (extended version by Andy Wallace)

Primus is releasing a new E.P. called Rhinoplasty. Included on the record are some cover tunes such as: Peter Gabriel's "The Family And The Fishing Net" and Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be," as well as some live material. This disc is due out sometime in July.

Marilyn Manson's new album is tentatively scheduled for an August release. The band will also be doing a few shows in Europe this summer, check below for dates.

In Flames: Guitar player Niklas Engelin left the band to concentrate on some of his own projects. Bjorn Gelotte who was the drummer before will replace him. For all the live activities in the nearer future and also for the production of the next album the band hired the drummer of Sacrilege, Danial Svensson.

Death has signed with Nuclear Blast and have completed recording a new album, "The Sound Of Perseverance" which is due out in September. The album will include the tracks: Scavenger Of Human Sorrow, Spirit Crusher, Bite The Pain, Flesh And The Power It Holds, Voice Of A Soul,   A Moment Of Clarity, To Forgive Is To Suffer, and Story To Tell. Death is currently on tour, check below for  dates.

Concert Tour Info

5/30/98            Paris                  FRA                   Zenith
5/31/98            Eindhoven          NET                   Dynamo Festival
6/1/98              Koln                  GER                   Live Music Halle
6/3/98              Budapest           HUN                  Kisstadion
6/4/98              Vienna              AUS                   Wels Rock Festival
6/6/98              Milan                 ITA                    Gods of Metal Festival
6/8/98              Leipzig              GER                    Auensee
6/9/98              Prague              CZE                    Salvia Athletic Stadium
6/10/98            Munich              GER                   Colloseum
6/12/98            San Sabastian    SPA                    Velodrome De Anoeta
6/13/98            Barcelona          SPA                    Palau D'Esports
6/14/98            Madrid              SPA                    Pabellon Real Madrid
6/16/98            Valencia            SPA                    Auditorium Arena
6/19/98            Nummirock        FIN                     Nummirock Festival
6/20/98            Milton Keynes    UK                     Ozzfest
5/26/98        Toulouse         FRA                Le Bikini
5/28/98        Paris               FRA                Le Bataclan
5/29/98        Strasbourg       FRA                La Laiterie
5/30/98        Geleen            NET                Pink Pop Festival
5/31/98        Luxembourg    LUX               Den Atelier
6/01/98        Zurich             SWI                Volkshaus
6/04/98        Naples             ITA                Naples Live Festival
6/05/98        Rimini              ITA                Velvet
6/06/98        Pordenone        ITA                Rototon
6/07/98        Milan               ITA                Teste Vuoto Festival
6/10/98        Hamburg         GER                Grosse Freiheit 36
6/11/98        Aarhus            DEN               Train
6/12/98        Copenhagen     DEN               Vega
6/13/98        Seinajoki          FIN                 Provinssirock
6/15/98        Oslo                NOR               Rockefeller Music Hall
6/16/98        Stockholm        SWE               Stockholm Arena
6/18/98        Hannover         GER               Capitol
6/19/98        Cologne           GER                Live Music Hall
6/20/98        Erfurt               GER               Highfield Festival
6/22/98        Dortmund         GER               Soundgarden
6/23/98        Frankfurt          GER               Batschkapp
6/24/98        Karlsruhe         GER               NCO
6/25/98        Amsterdam      NET               Paradiso
6/27/98        London             UK                Shepherd's Bush Empire
6/28/98        Dessel              BEL               Graspop Metal Meeting
Marilyn Manson
6/25/98                                DEN              Roskilde Festival
6/27/98        Burgum            NET               Wâldrock Festival
6/28/98        Dessel              BEL               Graspop Metal Meeting
7/12/98        Zwickau           GER               With Full Force Festival

5/28/98        Odense            DEN               Rytmeposten
5/29/98        Copenhagen     DEN               Loppen
5/31/98        Eindhoven        NET                Dynamo Festival
6/02/98        Hamburg          GER               Markthalle
6/03/98        Cologne           GER               Live Music Hall
6/04/98        Prague             CZE                Prague Sport Hall
6/05/98        Osnabruck       GER               Hyde Park
6/06/98        Waregem         BEL                Steeple
7/24/98        Milwaukee        WI                 Eagles Ballroom

5/28/98        Albuquerque     NM                Midnight Rodeo
5/29/98        Denver              CO                Ogden Theater
5/31/98        Oklahoma City  OK                In Cahoots
6/1/98          Kansas City       MO               RoadhouseRuby's
6/2/98          Wichita              KS                In Cahoots
6/3/98          Sauget                IL                 Pop's Annex
6/5/98          Medina              MN               MedinaEntertainmentCenter
6/6/98          Milwaukee         WI                Rave Bar
6/8/98          Pekin                  IL                 Nik's Ivanhoe
6/9/98          Rantoul               IL                 Soft Tail Lounge
6/11/98        Fort Wayne        IN                 Piere's NightClub
6/12/98        Cincinnati           OH                Annie's
6/13/98        Louisville            KY                Toy Tiger
6/14/98        Dayton               OH                Polish Club
6/16/98        Riviera Beach     MD                Daytona's
6/18/98        Williamsville        NY                Millenium
6/19/98         Reading             PA                 Silo
6/20/98         Poughkeepsie    NY                 The Chance
6/21/98        WestSpringfield  VA                 Jaxx
6/23/98        Harrisburg          PA                  TBA
6/24/98        Philadelphia        PA                  Electric Factory
6/25/98        VillaPittsburgh    PA                 Alrosa

All dates are subject to change  


Deftones Concert 
by: Jay VerHoven

        In the summer of '96 I went and checked out Pantera, White Zombie, Deftones, and Eye Hate God. I drank a little too much that day. I was running a little late, Eye Hate God was just finishing up their set. Then the Deftones came out and started to jam. I never heard of the Deftones, right away they got my attention. Deftones played everything off their first album, Adrenaline, which is now one of my favorite albums. They just tore up the stage like Korn does and I always wanted to see the Deftones again.
        So April 30, 1998 a Thursday night at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan the Deftones came to town. The opening band was Tinfed, the crowd never got into their music. Tinfed had the same rhythm throughout each song, you couldn't tell when a song ended and when a song began. The fans were becoming restless with the band.
        Half an hour later the Deftones came out and started the concert with the song "Bored." It turned out to be a whole new concert. You couldn't stand in one place on the floor, because of their energy they were releasing up on stage. In the front there was crowd surfing and Chino, the singer, jumped out into the crowed and started to crowd surf, still singing to the music. All in all I would have to say, I'll never miss the Deftones when they come around again . They're one of the best bands I've ever seen in concert.

Pro-Pain Concert
by: Rich VanTil

        Went and saw Pro-Pain at the Intersection, a bar in Grand Rapids, MI on Monday night. What a show! First of all the ticket said 8:00 and we showed up about 8:45 so we thought we missed the first band, Pudgy Chuck, but they didn't go on stage until 10:00. By that time I had already consumed enough beer to be having a good time and Pudgy Chuck kept it going. I was very impressed with their set. They had some nice heavy rhythms and some kick ass vocals.
        Pissing Razors came on next and kept the intensity going. The speed metal band played a 6 song set that really got me going. I will definitely have to check out one of the bands albums. I also met the lead singer after their set and that was pretty cool.
        When Pro-Pain hit the stage all hell broke loose. The crowd was totally nuts and Pro-Pain didn't let up the entire show. The Intersection is kinda small, only about 125 people with maybe 50 on the floor, but it felt more like a 1000.  I was really impressed with Pro Pain, but especially guitarist Rob Morchetti. There is no barricade between you and the stage so you're right there and he ripped it up the whole concert. Afterwards I got to meet Rob, that was really cool.
         All 3 bands are very good and Pro-Pain kicked ass. That was the first time I had the opportunity to see them and definitely plan on going again. The band said they would be back on tour this fall and  plan to come back to the same place again. I'm there!


Congratulations to Rob Willse! The winner of our last trivia question. Rob has won Coal Chamber's self entitled CD.

Question: Coal Chamber got their big break when a member of what band brought them to the attention of Roadrunner Records.

Answer: Dino Cazares of "Fear Factory"


Question: Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most influential metal artist and has been around for quite some time now. What is his age?

Prize: Ozzy's double live album, "Live and Loud"

Email your answer mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net, with the subject trivia. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through May 26 to June 6, Good Luck!!!

Head Bangers Delight has a couple new members as you may have noticed in this newsletter, Kevin Bosma and Jason Ver Hoeven. I would like to thank both of these guys for giving us some very needed help. If you ever have a question or comment for one of these two you can reach Kevin at bosmakev@hotmail.com and Jay at our address. Comments about our newsletter or site are always  welcome. See you in two weeks!

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