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News Letter #31

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Feature Story:
Entering The Mosh Pit
News: Machine Head, Slayer and much more
Concert Info: Dee Snider, Morbid Angel, Clutch
New Releases: June and July
Reviews: Coal Chamber/Sevendust Concert and Slayer "Bitter Peace"
Trivia: Win Slayer's new album "Diabolus In Musica."

Entering The Mosh Pit

-by Jay Ver Hoeven
and Rich Van Til
         More and more lately I've been noticing advertisements about no moshing or crowd surfing at concerts. I remember seeing an ad for a Pantera concert in Wisconsin that said no moshing and I just seen that for the Iron Maiden concert in Chicago on June 26 as well. Many people are starting to say that moshing is unsafe and shouldn't be allowed and many others including some venues are starting to agree with them.
         I'm sure almost everyone understands the concept of moshing. It is the act of people slamming into one another at concerts, which is measured by the intensity of the show and the mood of the crowd. The pit is often prone to become very reckless and violent and can't ever be guaranteed safe for anybody. This is where us who love to mosh are going to have to come in. It is up to us to make the pit somewhat safer by helping others out when they go down, making sure people don't get hurt, and if they do, getting them out of there. I know this isn't helped by the ones who think they are a tough guy and are there to hurt someone, but somehow we must keep it safer or possibly one day every concert will have no moshing.
        According to Crowd Safety, a record 19 people, 13 of them teenagers died at rock concerts and festival events worldwide in 1997. Brazil had the highest number of deaths with seven, Peru had five, US had three, Germany two, and England one. The number of deaths at concerts has been slowly rising since 1992 and has many people blaming this due to moshing.
        The major cause of death is from being crushed and not moshing. This problem is from the
venues selling to many tickets or letting to many through an area that is too small. There were 3 deaths in '97 attributed to moshing which isn't bad (not good either) for how many concerts are held each year, but those were also due to being crushed as well as moshing. I think people should find out exactly what is responsible for injuries at concerts and try to solve the problem, not just blame everything on moshing and try to get rid of it.
        Crowd Safety has come up with a list of guidelines for moshing and if moshing is ever regulated this is some of the rules you will see. Some are good ideas and a couple should be done even if they don't regulate it, but if we make sure everyone comes out alive and well there should be no need to ban or regulate moshing.
* Isolation of the pit from the general audience
* Limiting mosh pit capacities
* Banning alcohol and cigarettes in the pit
* Stationing special first-aid assistance near by
* Restricting the pit to those 18 years of age and older
* Banning stage diving
* Banning crowd surfing


Machine Head has a new guitarist. In a press release by the band they stated that Arhue Luster
has now joined them and they hope to be in the studio by September. Meanwhile, the band continues to write material for the new album and have five songs completed with one of them titled "Devil With the King's Card."

Slayer has added a few new tour dates in Europe, check out Tour Info. The band is also hosting a few in-person appearances while they are touring the US at the following:

June 10  Cleveland, OH
4 pm in-store signing at Record Exchange in Parma

June 14  Fords, NJ
3 pm in-store signing at Vintage Vinyl, 51 Lafayette Rd.

June 15  Towson, MD
4 pm in-store signing at Record & Tape Traders, 736 Dulaney Valley Center

June 16  Braintree, MA
4 pm in-store signing at Newbury Comics, 400 Franklin St.

Jack Off Jill: Former Manson guitarist Scott Putesky has joined the band. Scott made his first
appearances with Jack Off Jill in a few shows last week and his first recorded work with the band will be on an EP that is due out this summer. The EP is tentatively titled "Heartfelt and Hateful Remixes."

Scott Weiland was arrested last week Monday for possession of heroin and criminal trespassing. A July 31 court date has been set for the misdemeanor charges and as for the show at New York's Irving Plaza that he missed do to the incident, there has been no word if he'll be rescheduling it or not.

Deftones have signed on to play at radio station KROQ's annual Weenie Roast on June 20 at the Irving Meadows Amph. in Los Angeles, CA. The show will benefit various charities.

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx is working on a solo project called 1958. Sixx will be doing vocals, guitar, and bass on an album that will come out later this year.

Kiss is planning to kick off a tour on Halloween night with a huge concert at Dodger Stadium in L.A. There are talks with Fox Network about the show being televised nation wide.

Sepultura: Jason Newsted will be appearing on one song off the upcoming album, 'Hatred Inside." He is doing vocals and bass on the song.

Metallica will be releasing a set of three singles for the song "Fuel' on June 16.
Track Listing:
1. Fuel         2. Sad But True (live)       3. Nothing Else Matters (live)

1. Fuel         2. Wherever I May Roam (live)          3. One (live)

1. Fuel         2. Until It Sleeps (live)            3. Fuel (live)       4.Fuel (demo)

Dee Snider will be doing a few US shows on the east coast (check Tour Info). Plans for a few
shows in Sweden for mid July are underway.

Sinner has completed recordings on their new album "The Nature of Evil." It is scheduled for release on July 13.

Death: A release of August 24 has been set for their new album, "The Sound Of Perseverance"

Misfits have added vocalist Myke Hideous to replace Michale Graves who has left the band. Former lead singer Glenn Danzig was asked to fill the slot, but declined the offer. The Misfits also plan to release a live album this year titled "Evil Live II."

Crack Up: The German death metal band has entered the studio to record a new album. It is being produced by Andy Classen.

Wicked Angel: Lead Singer Rob Rose was injured during a recent show when he and bassist Tony Pack collided on stage. The collision resulted in Rob breaking three of his ribs and fractured his shoulder blade.

Gorgoroth has a new bass player, T-Reaper formally of Malignant Eternal

New Eden has signed on to Nuclear Blast and will be going into the studio this summer to record
their second album.

System Of A Down has completed their debut album. It will be released June 30th in the U.S. and a month thereafter worldwide.
Track List:        1)Suite-Pee          2)Know           3)Sugar                 4)Suggestions
5)Spiders            6)D-Devil          7)Soil               8)War?                 9)Mind
10)Peep-Hole     11)Q-bert          12)Darts            13)P.L.U.C.K.

Pissing Razors will be attending the Milwaukee Metalfest on July 25 and will be doing a few
shows with Six Feet Under shortly after.

Meshuggah is currently in the studio recording a new album titled "Chaosphere" which will be
released in the fall. Their first and only North American appearance is scheduled for The Milwaukee Metalfest.

Sinister has completed recordings for their upcoming album "Aggressive Measure." It is due for
release on July 20.

Concert Tour Info

Dee Snider
6/26/98             Old Bridge             NJ             Birch Hill
7/6/98               Ship Botton            NJ            Quarterdeck Nightclub
7/10/98             Hampton Bays       NY            Canoe Place Inn
Morbid Angel
6/18/98          Fort Myers              FL          Orbit Nightclub
6/19/98          Tampa                     FL          The Masquerade
6/20/98          Orlando                   FL          Club Zen
6/21/98          Atlanta                    GA          The Masquerade
6/22/98          Spartanburg             SC          Ground Zero
6/23/98          Winston-Salem        NC         Ziggy's
6/24/98          Carrboro                 NC         Cat's Cradle
6/25/98          Richmond                VA          Twisters
6/26/98          Springfield               VA          Jaxx
6/27/98          Port Chester            NY         7 Willow Street
6/28/98          Old Bridge               NJ          Birch Hill Nite Club
6/30/98          Worcester               MA         The Palladium
7/1/98            New York               NY         Coney Island High
7/2/98            Montreal                 QC          The Medley
7/3/98            Toronto                  ON          El Mocambo Club
7/4/98            Cleveland                OH          Agora Theatre
7/6/98            Pittsburgh                PA          Club Laga
7/8/98            Cincinnati                OH          Bogart's
7/9/98            Columbus                OH         Al Rosa Villa

6/18/98          Scranton                  PA         Tink's
7/8/98            Carrboro                 NC        Cat's Cradle
7/9/98            Charlotte                 NC         Tremont Music Hall
7/10/98          Louisville                 KY         The Brewery
7/11/98          Memphis                 TN          New Daisy Theatre
7/13/98          Omaha                    NE          Ranch Bowl

All dates subject to change

New Releases

June 5
Slayer                           Diabolus In Musica                Japan

June 8
Cryhavoc                     Sweetbriers                           Europe

June 9
Slayer                            Diabolus In Musica                           US
Mercyful Fate                Dead Again                                       US
Blind Guardian               Nightfall In Middle Earth                   US
Odes Of Ecstasy            Embossed Dream In Four Acts         Europe
Am I Blood                   Agitation                                           US

June 10
Thy Serpent                 Christcrusher                         Europe
Kamelot                       Siege Perilous                        Japan
Helloween                    Karaoke Vol. One                 Japan
Helloween                    Karaoke Vol. Two                Japan
Helloween                    Hey Road                              Japan
June 15
Syris                            Unseen Forces                       Europe
Fierce Conviction         The Requim Of A Mourner     Europe

June 16
Benediction                 Grind Bastards                       US
Cubanate                     Barbarossa                            US re-release
Drain S.T.H.                Horror Wrestling                   US

June 22
Night In Gales              Thunderblast                          Europe

June 23
Deicide                        Gold Disc                               US
Motorhead                   Take No Prisoners                 US
Iron Savior                   Iron Savior                             US

June 24
Rage                            Rage The Best                        Japan

June 26
Wicked Angel             Heads Will Roll                        Europe

June 30
Ozzy Osbourne          Diary OF A Madman/Bark At...   US
Tura Santana              All Is Not Well                             US re-release
Elegy                          State Of Mind                              US
Cubanate                    Cyberia                                       US re-release

July 1
Rage                         Acoustic Live                                 Japan

July 7
Anthrax                     Volume VIII                                  US
Stratovarius               Visions Of Europe                         US
Gamma Ray               Land OF The Free                        US re-release

July 13
Mundanus Imperium        The Spectral Spheres               Europe
Sinner                              The Nature Of Evil                  Europe

July 14
Lost Souls                   Fracture                                       US
Vision Of Disorder       TBA                                            US
Gamma Ray                Alive '95                                       US re-release

July 20
Sinister                        Aggressive Measure                     Europe
Dimmu Borgir              Godless Savage                           Europe

July 21
Helloween                   Walls Of Jericho                           US re-release

July 28
Fear Factory                Obsolete                                       US
Helloween                    The Best, The Rest, The Rare        US re-release

All dates subject to change


Coal Chamber/Sevendust Concert
-by Rich Van Til

        Went to see Coal Chamber and Sevendust recently at the Kalamazoo State Theater. The opening bands were Day In The Life and Human Waste Project. Day In The Life was pretty good and Human Waste Project was very good. They had a chick lead singer that kicked ass, she had a voice that went from a really high pitched soft voice to deep screams and everything inbetween, they really got the place warmed up.
        Sevendust came on next and the place went nuts. This was the first time I had seen or really
even heard of them (a couple songs on the radio but that's it). I was quite surprised by them, from the sound of them on the radio I didn't think they were going to be that good. They put on a very cool show, but I was there to see Coal Chamber.
        They opened with "Sway" and got everything started off right. Their whole set ruled, these guys rock! Dez's vocals are some of the best I've heard live, he can scream with the best of them. And the rest of the band was right in stride, a very intense show. They closed the show with "Loco" which ended it the same way it began. If you get the chance to see Coal Chamber do it, these guys kick ass!

Slayer - "Bitter Peace"
-by Kevin Bosma

    This past weekend, on the best night in West Michigan, Saturday Out of Control awakened me by one of the Eighties Greatest. Not by one of those Glam Rock girlie bands. These guys are pure masters of their domain. The one and only Slayer. I heard a new track off their current release "Diabolus in Musica." I believe the name of the song was "Bitter Peace." I had a few too many that night so I hope my memory is right. I have yet to pick up this disc, but from the sound of this song, its definitely Slayer. Back to the classics. Its in the veins of "Reign in Blood" and "South of Heaven." "Bitter Peace" is power driven by heavy drums, intense Slaytanic riffs, held up by Tom Araya's demonized vocals. I would have to rank this song up with the rest of their heavy hitters from the previous albums.

Send your review, mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net.


Congratulations to Betty Leonard! The winner of our last trivia question. Betty has won Ozzy's double live album, "Live and Loud."

Question: Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most influential metal artist and has been around for quite some time now. What is his age?
Answer: 49


Question: What was Slayer's original lineup?

Prize: Win Slayer's new album "Diabolus In Musica."
Email your answer
mailto:hbdmetal@iserv.net, with the subject trivia. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing and one will win! This trivia will run through June 10 to June 20, Good Luck!!!

If any one has emailed us lately and has not received a reply this is due to our hard drive crashing. We had most of our stuff saved, but lost the entire mailbox. We also lost newsletters 1-16 so if anyone would happen to have these, please email us we would greatly appreciate it. See you in two weeks.

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