Coal Chamber


Led by lead singer Dez's explosive lyrics and Meegs ripping it up on guitar, Coal Chamber exploded into the local LA metal scene. Releasing a demo and putting it out everywhere they could, they began to pack clubs throughout the city. Growing in popularity a friend of Meegs, Dino Cazares from Fear Factory and producer Ross Robinson brought them to the attention of Roadrunner Records.    

After being signed Dez was faced with a tough dilemma. His wife couldn't handle his hours and lifestyle in the band and threatened to leave, so he left the band. After being away for six months Meegs came to him and asked him to come back. Not being able to stay away Dez accepted, his wife left him the first day they started recording their album. With the loss of his wife the recording became difficult but in a way it helped. By bringing out his emotions in his singing and in the lyrics.    

Shortly after the completion of their album they were invited to play at the Ozzfest, before it was even released! The band took the opportunity and hasn't looked back. Invited back the next year and touring with a number of bands including Pantera. The band is still at it.   

We strongly recommend checking out Coal Chamber's album. We have listened to it and love it. They have been much compared to Korn but have a style of all of their own. It starts out hard and heavy with "Loco" which has been receiving a lot of air play on radio stations across the country, and it keeps right going to the end. You can check out sound and video clips on the Ozzfest site and the album is available in our CD Center. In our opinion the self entitled album kicks ass! Get it! 

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